YouTube’s new tool for creators tells them what their audience is looking for

What if you knew what YouTube viewers who watch your videos are looking for on the site?

This week, YouTube rolled out a brand new feature for content creators that tells you exactly that. It’s called Search Insights. If you blinked, you might have missed it because YouTube deployed this new tool for creators quite discreetly, with a announcement which appears to have only been posted on his Creator Insiders video channel.


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The Search Insights tool tells content creators what keywords YouTube users search for on the platform. It also provides them with searches that your channel viewers are also searching for. If you produce videos, you don’t need us to tell you how extremely useful this data can be. It’s almost like having access to a YouTube search cheat code. And you might not even notice it yet.

It’s almost like having access to a YouTube search cheat code. And you might not even notice it yet.

According to YouTube, the feature is currently only able to provide last month data from users in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and India. It is also currently only available for English search terms. However, with all of this, many creators will definitely find this data useful.

How to use Search Insights on YouTube.

Click Analytics in your YouTube Studio dashboard.
Credit: Mashable screenshot

Open your YouTube Studio dashboard and click Analytics in the sidebar menu. Did you notice the new tab titled “Research” at the very end of the menu options on the Channel Analytics page? Select Search and you have landed on the Search Insights tool.

YouTube Studio Analytics Page

Go to the Research tab on the Analytics page.
Credit: Mashable screenshot

Type any search term or topic in the YouTube Searches tab and a list of relevant YouTube searched terms will be displayed. Each term will be ranked High, Medium, or Low based on the search volume for that particular keyword or phrase on the platform. You can choose to show keywords from all 5 countries that YouTube currently includes in the data or you can break it down to see data from just one of those countries.

Search Insights in action

Search queries for the term “Twitter” in the Search Insights tool.
Credit: Mashable screenshot

Now here is where you will feel like you are cheating. If you click on the All Searches button, a drop-down menu will offer users another option called Content Gaps Only. Select this option and click Apply. If a term appears with the tag “content gap,” YouTube is letting you know that users aren’t finding what they’re looking for when they search for that term, or that the relevant videos are outdated or low quality. With this tool, YouTube basically tells creators where there are opportunities for your video to stand out and for your content to get noticed.

Content gaps

Find out where the content gaps are on YouTube.
Credit: Mashable screenshot

On your viewers’ Searches tab, YouTube provides all of the same keyword research data, including content gaps, but only from search data collected from users who have already viewed your own content. It’s a great way to discover content ideas to better serve your audience.

Moreover, creators can also save particular keywords in the Saved tab which acts as a bookmark feature so that you can easily monitor the keywords and terms you visit regularly.

It is very interesting that YouTube provides this data to creators. Similar types of search query information were usually only available from third parties and at a cost. Now, any YouTube creator can dive into what their audience hopes to find, be inspired by it, and deliver it to the platform’s viewers.

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