YouTube has suspended Chinese vlogger Wang Jixian’s account

  • YouTube suspended the channel of a well-known Chinese vlogger who posted about life in Ukraine.
  • Odessa resident Wang Jixian shares videos where he talks about his opposition to the Russian invasion.
  • The 37-year-old has gained more than 104,000 followers, but also the hatred of Chinese nationalists.

YouTube has suspended the account of a Chinese vlogger who became famous – and threatened with death by Chinese citizens – after posting about his life in Ukraine, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported.

Wang Jixian, who lives alone in Odessa, shared videos almost daily in which he spoke candidly about his opposition to the Russian invasion.

The 37-year-old has amassed more than 104,000 followers and 6.5 million combined views on the platform, but has also come under repeated online attacks from Chinese nationalists who call him a traitor for not toeing the official line from Beijing. China has not condemned Russia for the invasion, with media portraying the West as the villain.

YouTube told Wang that his account had been suspended due to a March 28 video flagged as “violent content”, he told RFA.

According to RFA, the video included footage of the city with sounds of missiles exploding and air raid sirens going off. In it, Wang can be seen cooking in his kitchen and sharing Ukrainian state and media reports on the war, the outlet said.

“I find it inexplicable,” he told the outlet. “YouTube says my account has been flagged for violent content, which breaks the rules, but where’s the violence?”

According to RFA, the suspension should last a week. In the meantime, Wang is posting on Twitter and on a separate YouTube channel.

Wang told the outlet that he had received several messages before his suspension, warning him not to “provoke the Chinese government” and urging him to avoid being “too aggressive with your comments.”

Insider has reached out to Wang and YouTube for comment.

“I am non-partisan and have no religious beliefs. I insist that ‘people have the right to live’ (and that) no one should die in war, so if my belief conflicts with a national interest, please be my enemy,” he added in his biographical description.

All of his Chinese social media accounts, including on WeChat, were also shut down, he wrote.

In an interview with CNN last month, Wang said he had no desire to stop posting videos, despite the hate he received from trolls.

“I want (to give) a voice to the Ukrainian people, to the heroes, to my neighbors. Because in my eyes, they are all heroes,” he told CNN. “I see calm people, I see brave people… I want to remind you to see who is dying, who has been killed.”

According to the outlet, the Beijing native has lived in Odessa for four years and works there as a programmer.

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