Wordle Today Word Of The Day # 385 Hints and Answers – Saturday 9th July

Wordle Today Word Of The Day # 385 Hints and Answers – Saturday 9th July

Finally Saturday! Hujjah!

It’s been a fantastic fun week. Thor: Love and Thunder Coming out I thought it was a lot of fun (My review is here) Although it is getting a pretty low Rotten Tomatoes score.

There are actually a lot of great things to see these days. Its the new season The boys Spectacular Westworld Back in the fourth season which has been quite enjoyable so far. And its third season Orville A great start to Hulu.

On top of that, we’ve got a bunch of really great Wordle words lately. Some were quite difficult and some are even more complicated today. Let’s see!

Today’s Wordle # 485 hints and answers

Spoiler in front! You have been warned!

First, a hint:

It usually follows Home Or sometimes Inside, And sometimes before Fast In fact, you rarely use it without a combination of these other words.

And the answer is yes. . .

It took me five in large part because my first two guesses weren’t very helpful.

According to Wordle Bot, Trump The only possible remaining solution is to reduce the average to 214, which is not very good at all. This time I was 219! Thanks Obama.

Why did I pick this starting word, you ask? Okay, I was on Twitter and I was wondering how Elon Musk got bail in the Twitter deal and I thought the people in charge of Twitter were tempted to ban Musk for his indecency and it reminded me to ban Trump Trump and then I went to Wordle. And the rest is history. Terrible starting sound. Never!

Leith A great word but I only got one letter, and the ‘T’ remains yellow. Beats Much better, I got four correct characters but all in yellow. So much yellow. Gah!

Thinking about the next thing, I laughed to myself. Wouldn’t it be ironic, I thought, if Slices of meat There were words and I guess Trump For my starting guess? Trump certainly had his own stick line. He added that he likes well-made steaks. Now, I don’t care what your politics is. It doesn’t matter to me whether you love Trump or hate Trump. I really don’t. But do we all agree that steaks should not be prepared in such a pagan manner?

Anyway, the embarrassment was avoided because Slices of meat Was amazing No. Answer. Instead, well, it was Fixed I firmly guess my way to the correct answer. Now I am going to settle down, although my hands are a little restless today.

Peace be upon you, dear lexicographers. And adversity can be in your favor.

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