Wordle 318 Answer of May 3, 2022

For May 3, 2022, The New York Times presents an all-new Wordle puzzle, and this challenge might require a hint or two.

Social media viral sweetheart wordle has another five-letter word to confuse longtime fans and newbies alike. For anyone looking for a hint or two, or the whole spoiler, this article is here to help.

How to play Wordle

wordle is a browser-based word puzzle game owned by The New York Times. Although there are many strategies to play wordle, a good idea is to always start with the best starting word possible. It must be five letters, a real English word, not one of the offensive words censored by NYT. wordle also tends to favor Americanized spellings of words over other spellings, such as FIBER over the word FIBER.


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Once a start wordle word is chosen, players must enter it on the NYTs Games site to begin. Press enter and the letters of the chosen seed word will change color to give players clues to the real word.

  • The green letters are right.
  • The gray letters are wrong.
  • The yellow letters are correct, but they are in the wrong place in the word.

Players have six total guesses each day to find the correct answer. Puzzles reset daily at midnight local time, giving players a single word challenge each day.

Advice for the Wordle 318 of May 3, 2022

Although today wordle word is pretty simple, here are some tips to help everyone get through the day without losing their wordle winning streak.

  • Today wordle word of the day does not contain duplicate letters.
  • It’s an adjective.
  • It starts with the letter H.
  • The antonym of this word could be something like “smooth” or “without fur”.
  • This word contains two vowels, two consonants and a Y.
  • It has a letter I.
  • The last letter of the word is a Y.

Answer for Wordle 318 of May 3, 2022

Still need the full answer to the wordle 318 for May 3? Check below this image for the full spoiler.

The answer to wordle puzzle 318 is HAIRY.

I can’t get enough wordle? Unfortunately, since the New York Times shut down all wordle archives, players will need to seek out one of many clones for more word puzzle action. For those who love the game, there are tons of niche themed releases like the Pokemontheme squirrela different letter counts as the 25-letter version of wordleand even a wordle multiplayer game too.

wordle is available for any browser.

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Source: Wordle, Reddit

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