Wonder Woman is dead – here’s what you need to know

Wonder Woman is dead. RIP the Amazon warrior-princess of Themyscira, 1941-2022.

If you thought Diana of the Amazons was immortal thanks to her connection to DC’s Olympian gods, think again – and think fast, as Wonder Woman’s death arrives in April 26’s Justice League #75, “Death of the Justice League”.

If that title sounds ominous, it should be, because it’s not just Wonder Woman, but Batman, Superman, and almost every major member of the Justice League – with only one survivor (whose identity we won’t spoil). here) who returns to Earth to tell the tale.

Batman is dead on the cover of Justice League #75 (Image credit: DC)

Superheroes die and come back to life regularly in the comics, but while Wonder Woman and the League are dead, Justice League #75 will also mark the end of the ongoing Justice League title for what DC says is the foreseeable future.

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