Woman blames hit-and-run that killed two of her IBS symptoms

Two cyclists have been killed by a Utah woman who allegedly told police her irritable bowel caused her to “defecate without warning” shortly before she lunged at her victims.

Police say she swerved in both Saturday after her IBS condition caused her to “defecate without warning,” according to a Washington City police affidavit seen by Fox13 and KUTV.

The woman, from Hurricane, Utah, was driving on the same street as the cyclists in the Coral Canyon Boulevard and Telegraph Street area when she collided with them. Reports identify her as Julie Ann Budge, 47.

Rescue attempts at the scene were attempted, but both men were unresponsive and were airlifted to a nearby hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Their names were released by police on Monday as Matthew Bullard, 48, and Adam Bullard, 49, while a number of tributes were paid by family and friends of the couple.

“Matt and Adam lived full lives dedicated to Jesus Christ, their families and each other,” wrote Steve Herrera, owner of the Cyclery Bike Shop in California where Adam worked, in a GoFundMe.

He added: “Each a rock star in their own right, Adam leaves behind his wife, Shannon, and son Jacob, and Matt leaves behind his wife, April, his son Michael, and his three daughters Amanda, Abby and Sarah. “.

In a Facebook post, Matt’s wife wrote, “Today my perfect husband Matthew Bullard and his best friend and brother Adam Bullard were tragically taken from me, my children and all of you.”

“Many of you have already asked what you can do to help. I ask that you please get down on your knees and pray for my children and my nephew so that they can cry and feel peace in their hearts” , she added and shared images of their bike trip in Utah.

Police said in an earlier statement on Facebook that they were two brothers from California and were “participating in a local bike competition” in Utah. We thought it was the “Spring Tour of St. George” group tour through the Red Mountains of Utah.

In an interview after the accident, Ms Budge reportedly told police in Washington that she could not stop her car, due to her condition which caused her to “defecate without warning”. She didn’t remember seeing the men either.

“A witness at the scene of the accident said it appeared that Julie had no intention of stopping after hitting the two cyclists,” wrote an officer.

“The witness said he followed Julie’s vehicle until it came to a halt and stopped several hundred yards from the accident,” the officer added.

The woman reportedly failed a field sobriety test. She told police, however, that she had been hospitalized the day before and had taken fentanyl by intravenous infusion.

She was taken into custody and charged with homicide while driving, failing to remain at the scene of a death, and DUI (driving under the influence) with negligent bodily harm, according to KUTV.

She also faces a Class B misdemeanor charge for reckless driving and a misdemeanor misdemeanor offense in the lane.

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