What does Tyler Reddick’s first cup win mean for him and RCR?

What does Tyler Reddick’s first cup win mean for him and RCR?

By Bob Pokaras
Fox Sports NASCAR Author

Tyler Reddick Not just earning his first career Cup Road wins Sunday in America.

He has set himself up for his future.

At 26, Reddick is considered one of NASCAR’s potential future superstars.

As he climbs the NASCAR ladder, he has proven that he can win races and championships, winning back-to-back Xfinity titles with two different teams (JR Motorsports and Richard Childdress Racing).

When he got to the cup, he was quick. In his first two seasons, he proved that he can lead in laps and rise to the playoffs with points. The only thing he didn’t prove was whether he could win at the cup level.

That changed on Sunday, when Reddick surpassed Chase Elliott, one of the best (if not the best) road-course racers in the Cup series, to drive for Cup powerhouse Hendrik Motorsports.

It was a win that Reddick knows he and his team have achieved.

Tyler Reddick won the first NASCAR Cup series of his career

Tyler Reddick won the first NASCAR Cup series of his career

Tyler Reddick has finally won a cup under his belt after winning the Road America on Sunday.

So where will he go from here?

The short-term answer is a race to the 2022 Cup title, as Reddick already has some playoff experience from last year.

The long-term answer is not so simple.

Richard Childres said a few months ago that he wanted to opt for Reddick for 2023. This seems like a no-brainer for RCR, but Reddick also knows that virtually every team in the garage will want him on his driver roster. The fact that RCR did not break Reddick’s entire contract and did not sign the long-term agreement suggests that RCR needs to tighten long-term sponsorship to enable Reddick’s capable driver.

Reddick said Saturday that RCR has actually chosen his option for next year and he will drive the No. 8 car. But no matter what anyone says, until there is a long-term agreement, there will be questions. And if Reddick signs an agreement with another team in 2024 and beyond, it would not be uncommon for that team to negotiate with RCR to lure Reddick a year in advance.

Fast Thoughts after Road America

Fast Thoughts after Road America

Bob Pokras sees what Tyler Reddick’s win means for him and 17 regular-season winners.

While Reddick will probably appreciate some long-term security, he’s in a good position to sit and wait. The current TV deal runs until 2024, and a new job could be done by next summer, giving drivers a better idea of ​​how much the teams will earn. (Agreements may always include escalators to adjust to what the parties receive from a TV contract, but this is another hurdle in negotiating a long-term deal in the current climate.)

At least three big teams could open soon if drivers retire: Joe Gibbs Racing (Martin Truix Jr.), Stuart-Hass Racing (Kevin Harvick) and 23XI Racing (Kurt Bush). None of these drivers have announced their intentions, but they are all deep in their careers. Also, most teams will probably not hesitate to make room for Reddick if none of their current drivers perform less.

Reddick remains in the same position when Kyle Larson renegotiated his first contract with Chip Ganasi Racing several years ago. Larson re-signed with Gansi in part because the team showed potential and trusted him when a few others did. Larson enjoyed a strong year but the impressive run with Gansi was never a success.

One can look at Reddick Larson’s experience – he won the title in his first year at Hendrik Motorsports – and think he should join an organization that has won titles in recent years.

But for the same reason that Larson was kept in Gansi, Reddick could renew with RCR. Although he’s a kid from California who doesn’t blow up the rough-and-crafted, old-school style of many in the RCR store, his relentless pursuit of speed and self-blame প্রথম first personality makes him fit into the organization.

RCR is the company with which Reddick matured as a driver in the Xfinity series after a season at JR Motorsports. RCR is the company that left Daniel Hemrick just a year later to open a cup spot for Reddick.

Of course, Reddick knows that other companies have achieved more; The last RCR Cup title came in 1994, and the last time an RCR driver raced a championship was in 2014 with a chance to win the title. But if Reddick has any questions about what he can achieve until he wins the race at RCR, then Victory Sunday means everything.

“Everyone has won,” Reddick said of the potential impact of his RCR future victories. “When we can get there and win that way, it’s good for everyone. Hopefully that will mean long-term partnerships with great partners.”

“It’s great for everyone. To win, it’s not just me, it’s legitimacy for this team, for the RCR partners.”

That’s what Childress is hoping for: Vijay will start negotiations on a long-term deal that will allow him to keep Reddick.

“He’s a winner. … we just have to make it,” said Childress Reddick. “He’ll be back next year. We have more races to run. We want to race for the championship, and I think we can give it a good run for the championship.”

The day before Rod won in America, Reddick was asked if he had started talking to teams about 2024 and had conducted searches for other agencies.

“It’s a difficult thing,” he said. “It’s down the line. You have to get as much as you can in the present and the present, but some of what happens in the present and the present is set by what you do. [have planned] In the future

“I’m definitely thinking about it. I have a little time, my idea.”

There is time to talk to Reddick’s team. And after his performance on Sunday, he knows he has leverage. However, this will not make the decision easier.

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Watch for what

The March race on the reconfigured Atlanta Motor Speedway was much like a race in Daytona or Talladega, with large blocks to try to cut the draft.

For this week’s race it should come in handling game, with 20-to-30 degrees warmer, as the track is slicker with less grip. That said, one change that could help manage is that the track smoothed the bump in turn 2.

The teams have won with the Next Zen car – and this will be the first track where NASCAR will race with the Next Zen car for the second time – so it will not be a surprise to see drivers who did not race well in March succeed this weekend, and vice versa.

Deep thinking

NASCAR docked Noah Gragson by 30 points and fined him $ 35,000 for intentionally destroying Sage Karam in Road America. Gragson scored 36 points in the event, so the 30-point cut made it look like he was 31st (where Karam finished).

The rake caused extensive damage to several drivers, six of whom dropped out of the race.

NASCAR did not punish Gregson during the race, deciding to issue a penalty on Wednesday. NASCAR said it wanted to make sure there were no mechanical problems and that the wreckage was intentional.

While it is understandable that NASCAR would like to be systematic in issuing fines, this was a situation that needed to be handled at the moment during the race.

Yes, it’s a judgment call, but it’s a NASCAR has done in the past, and it’s hard to remember a time when a team argued that the driver had a mechanical problem. There are former NASCAR drivers and individuals who have watched racing for a long time; They should be able to say or at least make a decision based on their experience.

If a driver can’t control the car or has a resume that doesn’t lead to the benefit of the doubt, so be it. With Gragson’s decision, NASCAR has opened up to at least a few days of speculation about each accident with a fine. Neither the debate nor the story seems fruitful.

Social spotlight

They said it

“I do not think so [my girlfriend] Alexa enjoyed being around me when I was in second place. Yes, second place is not a bad place to finish. But we’re here to win the race. “Tyler Reddick

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