West Texas migrant landings halt after DC bus order, mayor says

The federal government stopped dropping off migrants in the West Texas town of Uvalde after Governor Greg Abbott announced plans to bus them to Washington, D.C., Mayor Don McLaughlin told Breitbart Texas. City officials were told to expect up to 150 migrants a day ahead of the governor’s order.

“I think busing freed migrants back to DC is a great idea,” Mayor Laughlin told Breitbart in an interview Tuesday morning. “Let them see [D.C. officials] what we see and treat in Uvalde.

On April 6, Governor Abbott ordered the Texas Division of Emergency Management to prepare buses to transport the migrants released by DHS on a voluntary basis from their drop-off location in Washington, D.C.

“To help local officials whose communities are overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are dropped off by the Biden administration, Texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the Biden administration to Washington, D.C. DC,” Governor Abbott said at a news conference in Weslaco, Texas. The governor said the first drop-off location would be the steps of the U.S. Capitol in the nation’s capital.

Mayor McLaughlin told Breitbart that his city officials have been told by DHS to expect up to 150 migrants to be released each day in Uvalde. Although the published number never reached that mark, it came to a complete halt around the same time as Abbott’s bus order. He said migrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents at Uvalde Station are now being sent to Eagle Pass for processing and release.

Eagle Pass is already dealing with a large number of released migrants in its city. In March, Breitbart witnessed the release of a bus full of around 50 migrants to an NGO shelter. The driver said he would follow three more buses in the next hour.

Mayor Laughlin said he received intelligence indicating that nearly 500,000 migrants were on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande, from the Rio Grande Valley sector to the Del Rio sector. He said the migrants were just waiting for the Biden administration to complete the Title 42 coronavirus protection protocol in May.

“DHS is still releasing COVID-infected migrants into communities across the region,” the mayor said. “In addition, we are dealing with criminal aliens – including sex offenders – police chases and harassment of our residents by migrants passing through the area.”

The mayor said he was grateful for the governor’s support on the issue of illegal immigration and its impact on his town, which is about 130 miles from the border.

“We had human smuggling activity almost every day,” McLaughlin told Breitbart. “The governor sent 40 DPS troops to this area and closed it.”

He said the pursuits are extremely dangerous because the smugglers have no respect for anyone’s life. “We had smugglers going over 100 miles per hour on residential streets,” he explained. “We no longer pursue them in our city. It’s just too dangerous. We follow them around town and let the sheriff’s office or the DPS take over in the more open spaces.

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