Weird Clip From Fallout 4 Shows Mama Murphy Acting Weirdly

A Fallout 4 player catches Mama Murphy acting strangely as she flies through the sky of Boston’s Commonwealth while Sanctuary HIlls is customized.

Bethesda Softworks games are notorious for featuring weird NPCs and it’s no different with the Fall series, including those of 2015 Fallout 4. A Fallout 4 fan recently noticed a weird glitch with Mama Murphy as she traveled through one of Boston’s post-apocalyptic Commonwealth settlements as she edited.

Reddit user No-Atmosphere-4145 posted a clip of their Fallout 4 there are a few days of adventure in which they customize one of the many Fallout 4 Colonies. The settlement No-Atmosphere-4145 is working on in their clip is Sanctuary Hills, and it’s one of the first locations in the game that features NPCs named like Mama Murphy. The video shows Mama Murphy acting like a usually calm and slow character Fallout 4 The NPC who usually asks players for medicine starts flying in the sky and crawls through a solid wall.


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The clip for No-Atmosphere-4145 begins with the player entering a highly decorated house before opening their Pip-Boy to access their inventory and place a Floral Barrel Vase on a nearby table next to a television. After placing this item in an ideal location, the Fallout 4 the player takes a moment to pause as his lights dim and come on before leaving the house and facing two buildings in front of him. That’s when things start to get weird as Mama Murphy floats in the sky between the two buildings above a statue surrounded by four lampposts.

Mama Murphy floats backwards in No-Atmosphere-4145 Fallout 4 clip before kneeling on all fours as she zips through the walls of one of the settlement’s buildings. No-Atmosphere-4145 then zooms in on the building to show the top of the NPC’s head emerging from her shelter as she remains kneeling in the shelter as if in hiding. The player then looks at another Fallout 4 NPC who stands on top of a wall and after a brief moment of silence where the Fallout 4 the player and NPC look at each other, the NPC simply disappears rather than moving erratically like Mama Murphy.

While Fallout 4 NPCs have behaved strangely since the release of the Bethesda Softworks title, this isn’t the developer’s only game with characters acting like this. There are many examples of Skyrim NPCs doing similar things to Mama Murphy as the video showed Nazeem leaping through the sky at high speed and another depicted a dead NPC following a Skyrim player through the game’s icy landscape. Although No-Atmosphere-4145 was able to capture the moment when Mama Murphy acted strangely in their colony, it is not yet known what caused the character to move so abnormally.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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