Wednesday April 13 Solution and hint

Welcome to another installment of Wordle, the game without equal except for the some 94 multiverse variants of it that have gone live since its conception. But none of them have been bought by The New York Times for millions, so you know you’ve come to the right place.

Today’s Wordle continues a path of redemption for me rebuilding my streak after failing some time ago, but today was a very strange journey to get to the final word, one of those detours where you guess some random stuff just to take letters off the board because you just can’t think of what else it could be, but I finally got there.

An introduction to Wordle

  • For those new to the game, read this ABC before you start playing and find out how this fashion started.
  • Then if you want some advanced tactics to get those low guess answers, you can read the Wordle tips and tricks guide here.

Today’s Wordle #298 Answer and Hint

I’ll post one final spoiler warning here in case you got here and just wanted a hint, not a real answer. For today’s clue, I’ll say that word is something I call my plump corgi as a nickname from time to time. No offense Evie, I say this lovingly.

Okay, so the answer is…


Evie is a piece, what can I say. I also call my newborn son here and there now that his cheeks are filling. It’s also one of my favorite types of cookies, because Chocolate Chunk is where it’s at.

As for the riddle, it was a journey. I started with my first permanent guess, CRANE, and was delighted to find that it got me the C and N in the right place. And then it all fell apart because the only five-letter word I could think of that fit that criteria was CORNS and I knew it wasn’t. Eventually I gave up and just tried to clear the array with QUIET to remove some vowels. This showed me that there was a U, but not in the most logical space, which means it had be the third letter, because nothing will end in a U here. Few consonants go with C, CR is out, so it remains CL or CH. I couldn’t think of anything so I guessed FOLDS which ignored my letter clues and was purely made up of the letters on the board I left behind. All that did was erase them, and finally after thinking CHUNG in my head (proper noun), I came to CHUNK. Delicious.

I hope you had an easier time than me today, because it was pretty close. See you tomorrow for the next part.

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