VTubers can now stream as an Apex Legends character

VTubers can now stream as an Apex Legends character

If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes into the world of VTubing, you can now do so using the official Apex Legends VTuber avatars released by Respawn Entertainment. The avatars feature three legends – Bangalore, Mirage and Octane – dressed in outfits based on skins from Apex’s anime-themed Gaiden event starting next week.

Mirage’s avatar sports the holographic Trickster in her My Hero Academia-themed Marked Man skin, while Octane dons her One Piece-inspired Sea Legs skin. Bangalore, however, is wearing its new prestige skin, Apex Commander. Many VTubers use anime characters as their avatars, which is probably why these avatars were released with the Gaiden event.

VTubers–short for “virtual YouTubers”–have gained popularity in recent years among content creators who don’t want to show their faces on camera but still want a physical representation of themselves in their videos or streams. Voiceover content alone can sometimes struggle to gain traction on YouTube and Twitch, so introducing an attractive, fun, well-animated avatar can often alleviate viewer engagement issues while still giving VTuber more privacy.

Apex Legends VTuber avatars each come with their own unique animations, emotes and HUD overlays, giving content creators all the tools they need to live out their VTubing dreams without having to shell out cash to create a custom character for their channel. . While many VTubers prefer original, customized avatars, those avatars often come with a hefty price tag, so Apex Legends avatars are a great starting point for anyone curious about VTubing but not ready to jump in with both feet.

The avatars themselves were created by a different group of VTuber creators. @kaibujeta Artists who design VTuber avatar of Bangalorewhen @KirinVT Conducted rigging. Mirage’s VTuber avatar was built by @Ennoira and rigged by @PresidentLitch. The team behind Avatar of Octane included @Miyukiko (character art) and @RJ_Hinode (Ripping and Animation).

Both Mirage and Octane are known for their love of social media, making them the perfect VTuber avatars.
Both Mirage and Octane are known for their love of social media, making them the perfect VTuber avatars.

But Apex Legends isn’t the first game character to take on the VTuber trend — Sonic the Hedgehog gave VTubing a try last summer. Still, Legends might fit in a little better with it—especially given Mirage’s obsession with selfies and Octane’s deep love of livestreaming.

Anyone looking to use Apex Legends VTuber avatars can download them and all other resources from the official Apex Legends website, where Respawn has provided detailed instructions (both in written and video format) to help any would-be VTuber get their avatar up and running. .

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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