Virginia skydiver survives 13,500ft drop after hitting the ground at 125mph

A Virginia skydiver who became entangled in her parachute midway through her 13,500ft jump, not only lived to tell the tale, but is preparing for a summit of Mount Everest.

Jordan Hatmaker, a 35-year-old woman from Virginia Beach, Va., barely survived the near-death experience, forcing doctors to remark that it was ‘miraculous’ that she was not only alive, but not paralyzed .

“9 days ago I had no idea how much my world was going to change,” the adrenaline junkie wrote in an Instagram post from Nov. 23, 2021.

She went on to detail how the November 14 jump was her 16th solo jump as an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) student, which prevented her from receiving an A license, proving that a new skydiver has completed his training and is now licensed. jump unsupervised.

“I had a high speed malfunction called a horseshoe where the bridle wrapped around my leg. The main didn’t come out and my leg was left hanging in the air,” the player explained 35 years old.

Jordan Hatmaker, 35, poses in hospital in Suffolk, Va., after a skydiving accident.

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After her legs became trapped in the ropes of her main parachute, she proceeded to release her reserve, which was unfortunately sent in the opposite direction from the first, leading to the members of the diving community call it a “downplane”.

“I regained some control and was able to steer myself. @ ~300ft, my main also deployed, sending me into an accelerated downward spiral,” she explained.

It took 20 seconds from when Ms Hatmaker released the deal until she hit the ground, where she remained fully conscious before being airlifted to Sentara General Hospital Norfolk in Virginia.

Ms Hatmaker spent a total of 25 days in hospital, including five in intensive care, recovering from a broken ankle, broken shin, broken back and spinal injury.

Jordan Hatmaker, 35, in hospital, shows the spinal injuries.

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In a video posted to her Instagram feed, just days after the horrific parachute incident, she gave an update on her recovery and even managed to share a few laughs with her nearby family.

“I have a pair of granny panties around my knees,” she says in the video, before cracking a joke about how uncomfortable the sight of her dad must be making off-camera. “They’re about as big as the parachute that brought me down to the ground,” she finishes, before bursting out laughing as close as she can get, strapped to her hospital bed, her corset and all.

After undergoing multiple surgeries and relentless physical therapy, she was discharged from hospital on December 9 to continue her healing process at home.

In a Christmas post shared on her account, just weeks after returning home, she is seen beaming with her family arm in arm as she stands with a walker and back brace.

“Glad to be home for the holidays,” the caption read.

A Go Fund Me set up in Ms Hatmaker’s name provides the grueling efforts the thrill seeker has gone through to get back on her feet, noting in a January 2021 update that she has ‘regained most of the time [her] body”.

The fundraiser, which was started by a friend of Ms Hatmaker, had an initial goal of raising $10,000 to help the Virginia native pay her medical bills, buy equipment to help her recover and compensate for the loss of funds it would suffer. not being able to work during convalescence.

“With the funds, I was able to purchase an adjustable hospital bed, additional bathroom amenities not covered by insurance, wheelchair accessories (like a cup holder-woohoo!), an additional walker and many other things to make life easier for people with disabilities,” she wrote in the latest Go Fund Me update.

“The first $1,000 bill just came in and I’m so relieved that I don’t have to worry about paying those hospital bills. I feel so blessed because I know not everyone can tell. so much.

In a three-month anniversary post of her accident, the adventurer revealed that she was on her feet and walking around, without the aid of crutches or a walker.

“I walk around looking like a slow gangster, but it’s incredibly freeing to leave the walking devices in the car while I walk around a store or around the house,” she wrote.

“I have 𝗨𝗧𝗠𝗢𝗦𝗧 respect for those whose spinal cord injuries (and other serious injuries/illnesses) have greatly affected their mobility; along with all the other internal and emotional effects that no one talks about. They are the ultimate warriors and my personal heroes.

In an interview with the Daily mailMs Hatmaker confirmed she still had her sights set on climbing Mount Everest Base Camp in November, a hike she had already planned before the unfortunate accident derailed her plans.

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