Valkyrie Guide – Apex Legends

Apex Legends has no shortage of mobile legends with abilities that allow for extremely aggressive playstyles, but few offer the level of mobility of the jetpack-wielding Valkyrie. Plus, she’s also a great scout character in certain situations, so she has it all.

Valkyrie has a powerful ultimate that can effectively redeploy your team around the map, a jetpack to constantly navigate high ground and fend off enemies, and even missiles that can stun and flush out hidden enemies. If that sounds like your kind of thing, check out the rest of this guide for more information and tips on getting the most out of this popular Legend.

Ability to take flight

Valkyrie is a very mobility-based legend who uses her jetpacks to constantly reposition herself from different types of heights, while her ultimate ability provides both extremely useful recon and repositioning options for the whole team. She’s easily among the most powerful characters in the game when used to her full potential, though she manages to avoid feeling too unbalanced in the process.

Valkyrie Passive Ability VTOL jets allows him to constantly use his jetpack to move through the air on the battlefield. Although fuel is limited, it does not deplete as quickly as expected and refills very quickly, making it a force to be reckoned with in vertical engagements. However, you can’t use weapons while flying, so you have to take that into account when rushing at your opponents.

His tactical ability is Missile Swarm, which fires 12 missiles in a 4×3 array to damage enemies and briefly stun them. This can be used to flush enemies out of hiding places or to deal extra damage in fights.

His ultimate ability Dive to the sky is one of the best in the game, letting you launch yourself and your team 180 meters into the air and parachute to a new location. It can get your team out of bad situations or just help you avoid the storm if you’re a little behind.

Valkyrie is a diverse legend

Due to her ease of mobility, Valkyrie is great for any type of playstyle. When played correctly, she is able to fill gaps or slice through enemies effortlessly and be a killer fighter at close range. with SMGs or shotguns. Meanwhile, her ability to soar high makes her an equally deadly legend at medium to long range, well-suited for sniper or LMG use. No matter what kind of weapons you like to wield, you’ll find that a few minor tweaks to how you navigate the landscape will allow you to capitalize on your playstyle.

You can see where people land during an airdrop

Whenever you’re in the sky and deploy to a location – whether on initial drop or redeploy via your ultimate ability – you’ll automatically highlight any enemies that aren’t residing in structures. If you’re early in the game, this means you can easily track where groups are landing so you can choose to rush them quickly or ensure you have a safe landing spot. Meanwhile, when redeploying later in the game, this allows you to get the drop on exposed squads, giving you the option to clip them at a nearby choke point or land on higher ground to make them easy targets.

Don’t forget to scan the survey tags

While you can scan for where people are as you fly around the map – either using your ultimate or using some other form of repositioning tool like a balloon – don’t overlook the usefulness of scanning the myriad survey beacons scattered across the map. This will let you and your team know where the next ring will be, giving you a minor but worthwhile head start over other teams that don’t have a recon legend in their ranks.


There is a delay that comes from landing after using your jetpack

While it can be tempting to rush at escaping enemies using your jetpack abilities, be aware of the short delay that occurs directly after landing. Once your feet touch the ground again, Valkyrie will do a quick wave of her hand before you can pull out your weapon and start firing. It puts you at a disadvantage if you land directly in front of an enemy or a squad, and more often than not will result in an unwanted death. Instead, try to land behind and/or above your enemies when possible to give yourself that much-needed moment to get your weapon back.

Don’t get caught aimlessly high

Since you can’t use your weapon while using your jetpack, be very careful when moving around with it. Using it to reach new heights is the whole point, of course, but if it leaves you massively exposed to nearby enemies, it may be safer to take a completely different route. Remember that you don’t fly very fast, so you’re just a big target if you don’t keep up to date with your surroundings.

Use Missile Swarm away from obstacles

Due to the way Missile Swarm works, this can sometimes cause you to hurt yourself instead of the enemies you’re looking to flush out. There is a short delay between the missiles firing and their release, so you will need to stay clear of any obstacles that could cause them to explode on you and inflict damage.

Some players will use Valkyrie’s jetpacks to fly straight and give themselves some height to use Missile Swarm. It can work or go wrong, as you’re exposing yourself in a pretty clear and obvious way for a relatively minor gain that may or may not land and damage or stun your enemies. As explained in the last point, your goal is to avoid becoming an easy target with your jetpacks, so unless you’re pretty comfortable with your positioning, it’s best to avoid any situation where you’re flying straight. in front of enemies.

Your ultimate can indirectly win you games

Your ultimate ability will send you and all connected teammates back into the sky for redeployment. This can win you more games than you think, as it can get you out of unwinnable scenarios or allow you to quickly reposition yourself closer to the circle if you get caught on the edge of the storm after a long and tiring battle. . Additionally, as mentioned above, it will give you insight into the location of enemy squads (provided they are not inside a structure), which can be especially useful in the late game. .

Be aware though that if you get downed during this ability’s windup animation, it will cancel it and put it on a brief cooldown. This means it’s best used when behind solid cover. Just be sure to slash yourself or tell your teams to rush towards you right before you use the ability to make sure you’re not left alone for too long.

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