UPenn Professor Tells Tucker Carlson ‘Blacks’ Resent ‘Western Peoples’ and India Is a ‘Shit Hole’

A Pennsylvania professor is facing a backlash after she made a series of comments attacking non-white Americans in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Amy Wax, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, made these remarks on Tucker Carlson Today, a show on Fox News’ streaming service, Fox Nation. In a lengthy rant, Professor Wax took aim at “black people”, Asian Americans, Indian women and other targets.

“I think there’s just an enormous amount of resentment and shame from non-Western people against Western people for the outsized achievements and contributions of Western people,” Professor Wax told Carlson on Friday. “Leaving aside black Americans, who I think feel this resentment and this shame and this envy – I mean it’s this ungodly brewing of feelings.”

Carlson did not challenge her. Seconds later, the professor took aim at “Penn Med’s Asian and South Asian Indian doctors.”

“Take, you know, the Brahmin women who come from India and come up through the ranks, they get the best education, we give them every chance, and they turn around and lead the charge on ‘we’re racist, we’re a horrible country, we need reform,” Professor Wax said. “Here is the problem: they are taught that they are better than everyone, because they are elite Brahmins, and yet, at a certain level, their country is an asshole – excuse my language.”

The teacher then explains her theory that these immigrants don’t appreciate America’s “wonderful developed scientific and medical establishment” and go on a rampage accusing it of racism.

“They realize that, you know, we’ve outdone and outclassed them in pretty much every way, and how do they feel?” Professor Wax continued. “I think the role of envy and shame in how the third world views the first world is underestimated.”

“I think you’re absolutely right,” Carlson replied.

The comments have outraged teachers and students across the country.

“Amy Wax is a racist. Period,” tweeted Hindu On Campus, an organization that combats anti-Hindu bigotry in American schools.

“It’s just a little sad when you have someone so stupid on the faculty of one of the best law schools in the country,” said one of Professor Wax’s colleagues, Neil Makhija, professor of Penn Law. The Philadelphia Investigator.

In an email to The IndependentProfessor Wax’s employer disavowed his remarks.

“University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School has previously made it clear that Professor Wax’s views do not reflect our values ​​or practices,” the school said. “In January 2022, Dean [Theodore] Ruger has announced that he will move forward with a University Faculty Senate process to deal with the growing conduct of Professor Wax, and that process is ongoing. At this time, as required by the university handbook, and to preserve the integrity of the process, we will not make any public statements until the proceedings are complete.

The Independent contacted Fox News and Professor Wax herself for comment.

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