Understanding Tiefling Bloodlines in D&D

Dungeons & Dragons benefit from an ever-growing list of races to choose from when creating distinct and unique characters. While many races in the Player’s Handbook have access to many subraces offering useful and tasty abilities, some amazing subrace options are available for the Tiefling.

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Tieflings are a popular humanoid race with hellish heritage and appearance. Although the Player’s Handbook has only one version, Tome of Mordenkainen’s Enemies exhibits a wide range of sub-races. Rather than corresponding to regions or environments, each of these sub-races is based on the lineages of Archdevils of the Nine Hells. In this guide, we’ll explore each Tiefling bloodline and see how you can make the most of it with your next character!



Asmodeus is the most powerful Archdevil of the Nine Hells, residing in the lowest layer of Nessus. As Asmodeus is one of the most influential evil figures in the D&D multiverse, Tieflings that bear his blood are among the most common of that race, serving as a Tiefling in the Player’s Handbook. These Tieflings are notably charismatic and cunningaccessing spells that can be associated with the Nine Hells: Thaumaturgy, infernal rebuke and darkness.

While darkness is a great way to help control damage from a mob, it becomes all the more useful when one-sided through the likes of the Devil’s Sight Eldritch Summon available for Warlocks. Besides, Infernal Rebuke is a solid spell that can allow a character who otherwise wouldn’t have access to a reaction option to get the most out of a turn rotation.


The Archdevil Baalzebul reign over Maladomini, the seventh layer of the Nine Hells. An evil being who wishes to corrupt others, Baalzebul drives already evil individuals to more heinous ends. To reflect this, Tieflings who carry the blood of Baalzebul in their veins have access to spells that allow a character to help stop the power of their enemies.

Although they have access to Thaumaturgy like the Tieflings of the bloodline of Asmodeus, their access to Disease radius allows them to impose a disadvantage on their enemies by poisoned statewhile crown of madness can be used to force an enemy to repeatedly lose their turn by damaging their allies. This is a solid utility that can provide a character of almost any class with useful shutdown options.


The second layer of the Nine Hells, Sayis ruled by the paranoid master of secrets, Distributor. As dealers in sought-after secrets and forbidden knowledge, it should come as no surprise that Tieflings of the Dispater line have access to magic that allows them to more easily obtain information on their own.

In addition to thaumaturgy, these tieflings have access to ever-flexible To disguise oneself as well as detect thoughts. For those looking to gain additional utility for their next thief, Disguise Self can allow a character to easily get to where they want without arousing suspicion, while Detect Thoughts can be used to gain otherwise hidden information from NPCs. .


Alongside Belial, Fierna is one of the co-rulers of the perpetually burning fourth layer of the Nine Hells, Phlegeta. As one of the most charismatic and manipulative Archdevils in the Nine Hells, Tieflings of Fierna’s bloodline have access to magics that allow them to manipulate others, providing both charm-based utility and tools that might better help the Tiefling at hand serve as the face of the group.

Tieflings of this subclass have access to the Cantrip Friends, Charm Person and Suggestion. While Friends can help in social situations outside of combat, Charm Person and Suggestion are each strong enchantment spells that can be beneficial both in and out of combat.


Tieflings of Glasya gain access to a very tasty spell suite that perfectly mirrors the archdemon of their lineage. Glasya simultaneously rules and is imprisoned within Malbolgethe sixth layer of the Nine Hells, which serves as airplane jail. Because of this inherent connection to criminal activity, the Tieflings of Glasya have access to spells that aid in committing burglaries and conducting criminal activity. While minor delusion, To disguise oneselfand Invisibility are each simple spells, they can be beneficial for almost any type of character, regardless of class.


Levistus is the ever-frozen Archdevil of the fifth icy layer of the Nine Hells, Stygia. As Levistus himself is eternally locked in a glacier (a spell bestowed upon him by Asmodeus), any Tiefling whose lineage is related to Levistus has access to suitable cold spells. To win Ray of Frostthis can be a solid minor spell option to allow a character to flexibly mix their damage type.

As Levistus-bound Tieflings win Darkness much like Asmodeus Tieflings, they are notably capable of throwing Agathys Armor as a second level spell. As this excellent defensive spell option is normally exclusive to Warlocksthis sub-race opens up unique possibilities for martial characters such as Fighters, Paladins and even Barbarians for extra volume.


Although perhaps the most niche in their usefulness, the usefulness of Tieflings of the bloodline of Mammon truly captures the essence of their respective archdevil. like mom, ruler of Minaurosthe third layer of the Nine Hells, serves as a notorious miser and the largest merchant in the Plan, the Tieflings of his line have access to the magic that allows them to protect and transport their goods. In addition to mage’s hand cantrip, these Tieflings have access to Tenser’s Floating Disk and arcane lock.

Although these spells do not aid a character in combat, they can provide unique utility outside of combat, as the Normally Wizard-exclusive Tenser Floating Disk can make transporting important cargo easier, while Arcane Lock can help secure an entrance or trunk.


For those looking to provide their character with additional magic damage options, the Tiefling Bloodline of Mephistopheles Maybe for you. As Mephistopheles is among the smartest Devils in the multiverse, serving as the first wizard of the Nine Hells, the Tieflings of his line gain some of his magical abilities.

Although these Tieflings have access to mage’s handthey are also capable of throwing burning hands and flame blade, allowing a character to access either crowd control damage or a solid single target damage option, regardless of class. No matter what role a player is looking for for their character in a party, Tieflings of Mephistopheles’ bloodline offer great flexibility in combat.


Zariel Bloodline Tieflings are a great option for anyone looking to create a character that can deal some serious melee damage in combat. Due to their connection with the militant ruler of Avernus, the archdevil Zarielthese Tieflings access two spells normally exclusive to Paladins: burning punishment and Mark strike.

As these spells are cast as a bonus action and trigger their damage, these spells can help any character like Warriors, Hexblade Warlocks, Rogues, and Clerics of the War Domain deals extra damage in combat. While paladins already have access to these spells, tiefling paladins of the Zariel line can more reliably double-cross enemies without burning their spell slots.

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