Unboxing PS4 and PS5 versions may be coming soon

Trophy lists are emerging for the PS4 and PS5 versions of Unpacking, suggesting that the game’s release on Sony platforms is imminent.

Unpacking has become a cult classic in the gaming community since its release late last year. The casual game of interior design and decorating was a popular choice for fans looking for a casual and relaxing game. Developed by Witch Beam, the game was a smash hit that ranks well among similar slow-paced popular games like animal crossing and Minecraft. With the game’s success on PC, Switch and Xbox, the announcement of the PS4 and PS5 versions was inevitable when both were announced in March, and recent leaks imply that the game’s Sony platform release may not be too far away.


While Unpacking Missed last year’s Game Awards, the game has already seen modest success for a relatively new developer. Witch Beam’s second game release has sold over 100,000 copies in just a week and a half after the game’s debut in November 2021 and has won multiple accolades from other gaming awards shows, with critics praising the design narrative and game audio. Now, as Unpacking prepares to make the jump to PS4 and PS5, the game’s trophy list on both consoles has surfaced online.

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A recent update to PSN trophy aggregator website PSNProfiles saw trophy listings for the PS4 and PS5 versions of Unpacking added to the website with the leak suggesting the trophies have officially been made available via PSN. The updated list shows a total of 26 trophies obtainable by playing Unpacking on PSN, although all trophies outside of the game’s Platinum trophy are currently listed as secret. While fans won’t be able to see the full list of PlayStation releases, the similar number to other releases suggests Sony platforms will feature similar trophies to its PC and Xbox counterparts.

PSNProfiles revealing list of trophies for Unpacking strongly suggests that the game’s release will happen in the near future, with other early trophy listings also hinting at a game’s accelerated release. For example, the PS5 indie game Deadly Shell previously had its PS5 trophy list leaked less than two weeks before its March 4 release. However, it should be noted that no official announcement has been made by Witch Beam or publisher Humble Games regarding a set release date for UnpackingThe PS4 and PS5 versions of.

UnpackingThe likely release on PS4 and PS5 in the coming weeks would join a stacked lineup of indie games set to hit Sony’s consoles throughout the spring. April has already seen the release of popular indie games Lake and nobody saves the worldand Devolver Digital and the highly anticipated Flying Wild Hog developer Hike to Yomi is expected to launch on consoles early next month. Unpacking will look to deliver the same laid-back energy and nuanced narrative that made it a hit on other platforms when it comes to PS4 and PS5, possibly in the near future.

Unpacking is available now for PC, Switch and Xbox One. PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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Source: PSN Profiles

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