Ukrainian-Americans protest outside Tucker Carlson event over his pro-Putin comments

Demonstrators gathered outside a location in California over the weekend to protest Tucker Carlson and his views on Russia.

The group took up position outside Awaken Church in San Marcos, near San Diego, where Carlson was hosting a live event Sunday night.

Protesters held Ukrainian and American flags as well as signs with statements attacking Carlson for his comments on Russia and Ukraine in recent months. Children and adults were at the demonstration.

The conservative talk show host has long been accused of sympathizing with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war on Ukraine, after claiming Ukraine is “not even a democracy”.

“Why would we take the side of Ukraine and not that of Russia? It’s a sincere question,” Carlson asked in November amid the buildup of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. “Why would we side with Ukraine? Why shouldn’t we be on the side of Russia? I am totally confused.

Carlson, who said in 2019 that he “supported” Russia, also attacked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and described support for the country as “the biggest political flash mob in American history” after the start of the war. war on February 24.

“He needs to change, he needs to show the public and the world and himself that he is for life, for humans, for people, and [that] he has empathy and decency to take the good side,” a protester told reporters outside the Awaken Church.

“Your heartless message to [the] The American people, who are the birthplace of democracy, the homeland of the brave, the land of the free, are totally unacceptable, totally unacceptable to anyone,” another said.

Children’s shoes and baby strollers were displayed outside the San Marcos site to represent the more than 150 confirmed children killed in the war by Russia, although analysts suggest the toll could be higher.

One sign read “Stop defending Putin’s lies”, while another read: “Zelensky is not a dictator”.

“A lot of the victims of this war are actually children,” said another protester, saying, “Last week we had over 300 children who perished in this war and lost their lives, but this week, it’s a lot more, we can’t even quantify.”

Of the four million or more Ukrainians who have fled their homes since the war began on February 24, more than half are children. Many went to Poland.

A protester with a Ukrainian flag and shoes cracking down on those confirmed killed by Russia

(CBS 8 San Diego)

“I’ve been watching Tucker for a while now and I just feel like his views are, you know, perfect,” a woman attending the Awaken Church event to defend the host told Fox News.

Carlson was forced to backtrack on some criticism of Ukraine and last month described Mr Putin as someone who “seems to be bad”.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meanwhile praised Fox News for its coverage of the conflict and said, “If you take the United States, only Fox News is trying to present alternative views.”

The Independent approached Fox News for comment.

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