UK minister compares criticism of trans ideology to racism and anti-Semitism

A government minister in northern Britain is calling for anti-transgender arguments to be censored from the media, likening criticism of the ideology to racism or anti-Semitism.

Minister Lorna Slater, a left-wing member of the devolved Scottish parliament, has been slammed for ‘radical extremism’ over her stance, with the minister also having been a staunch supporter of laws that would allow people to change gender without medical assessment.

In an interview with Scotland’s the heraldthe Green Party minister denounced what she called the “fictitious notion of balance” in the trans debate, comparing opponents of liberal transgender policies to so-called “climate deniers”.

“We would not put a balance on the issue of racism or anti-Semitism, but we allow this fictional notion of balance when it comes to anti-trans [views]“, reports the publication according to the minister.

She went on to say that she found ‘the whole thing’ ‘disgusting’ and didn’t care what ‘Daily Mail’ readers thought about it.

The Minister – who was born, raised and educated in Canada but now governs in Scotland – also accused those who oppose the trans lobby in the UK of receiving funds from the United States.

“I understand there’s money in there from some right-wing American groups that have poured into organizations in the UK,” she said.

While Slater seems content to sideline a certain section of the electorate on the transgender issue, others don’t seem to share his views, with some slamming the Greens MP for her statements.

“It’s ironic that she compares women’s rights activists to anti-Semites, racists and climate change deniers, when some might think her intemperate, inflammatory and factless speech bears all the hallmarks of hardline bigotry as well as ‘a denial of the foundations of biology science,’ The temperature reports Susan Smith, director of For Women Scotland, who later accused Slater of calling for “censorship and repression of political opponents”.

“This kind of bullying should concern any parliamentarian who wants open and thorough scrutiny of legislation,” she continued. “If Ms Slater wishes to continue to act as a political wrecking ball, she should resign from her post.”

Meanwhile, Conservative Party MP Brian Whittle called out Slater for what he described as ‘radical extremism’, saying his colleagues should ‘surely’ kick the minister out of office over the comments.

“There should be no room in government for this kind of radical extremism,” Whittle said. wrote in line. “Surely she should be removed from her position?” »

“How many times is this SG Minister going to get away with this kind of offence?” he also asked.

Another Scottish Tory called the minister’s call for censorship “absurd”, while saying Slater’s comparison between transgender skeptics and racists is “hugely offensive”.

“It is outrageous and extremely offensive for Lorna Slater to compare women with legitimate concerns about their safety and rights with racists,” Meghan Gallacher MSP said in a Publish on social networks. “The same goes for his absurd suggestion that those with doubts shouldn’t have a platform to air their concerns.”

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