Twitch Streamer Shroud Reveals Why He Thinks Next Jett Nerf Will Change Valorant’s Meta

Valorant had a balance problem for a while. Going all the way back to 2020, Jett has been the most picked agent at Valorantthe highest levels of play. Immortal and Radiant players (when added) initially picked up Jett’s strength, but Platinum and Diamond players are now also on the Jett train. Even gold, silver, bronze and iron Valorant the players choose Jett in their top three. However, Riot has seen enough and changes are coming. And Twitch streamer Shroud thinks it will cause a major change for Valorantis meta.


Shroud shared two thoughts during a recent Twitch stream while playing Valorant. The first concerns which character will benefit the most from Jett’s nerf. In Shroud’s opinion, he sees Jett being played less and another agent being played more. This agent is Yoru. Shroud doesn’t explain why he thinks Yoru will be played more, but it’s likely related to Yoru’s teleport ability, Gatecrash, providing some mobility that Jett will no longer provide.

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Shroud’s second thought is a bigger comment on what he thinks Riot Games is trying to do with it. Valorant. He even goes so far as to say that Valorant is entering a new “phase”, meaning Riot is changing direction. He says Riot was working to make Valorant faster with Jett dashes, chamber teleports, and Yoru teleports. He says the mobility was “crazy,” but Riot will call it back.

What Shroud sees Riot doing Valorant moving forward begins with the Jett changes. He then sees nerfs coming to Chamber as well, who is currently the second most popular character to play at the highest levels of Valorant competition. He doesn’t see any changes coming to Yoru yet, given the character’s relatively weaker teleportation. But the meta is clearly going to change.

For those unaware, Riot announced upcoming changes to Jett last week. Riot says it’s been working on a Jett update for some time, and now it thinks those changes are ready. When disabled, Jett’s Tailwind dash can no longer be used instantly. It must first be activated, which follows a short delay, then the next button press will result in a dash. If the dash is not used within the next 12 seconds, it expires. The 2 kill cooldown remains the same.

Suffice it to say, Jett’s usefulness is soon to be severely nerfed. Shroud’s comments on the meta change Valorant are probably just the beginning of the meta-change. Add in new Valorant upcoming character, Fade, and this might be the biggest shake-up to Valorant‘s meta since Omen nerfs to start 2021.

Valorant is now available on PC.

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