Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson star in jaw-dropping exchange on Russian TV

Fox News host Tucker Carlson and former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s defenses of Russian President Vladimir Putin have obviously placed them comfortably in the Kremlin’s good graces.

During a show on Russian state television this week, Gabbard was apparently quoted on very friendly terms by one of Putin’s most prominent propagandists, Vladimir Soloviev.

He introduced Gabbard, a Democratic primary candidate for the 2020 presidential race, as “our girlfriend Tulsi,” according to a translation by Russian media analyst Julia Davis, a columnist with The Daily Beast.

A clip then aired of Gabbard’s appearance on Monday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in which she suggested President Joe Biden was secretly plotting to remove Putin from power.

After the clip aired, a panelist reportedly asked, “Is this some kind of Russian agent?

According to Davis’s translation, Soloviev said she was.

During Monday’s interview, Gabbard claimed Biden was pushing for regime change in Russia through “economic warfare.”

“They do it by waging this modern siege against Russia, isolating, containing, destroying their economy, starving the Russian people in the hope that the Russian people or the military will rise up and revolt and overthrow their government and get rid of Putin,” she said during part of the clip broadcast in Russia.

On Sunday, Biden said Putin “can’t stay in power” in off-text remarks during a speech in Poland. White House officials were quick to clarify that Biden was not advocating regime change in Russia but that “Putin cannot be allowed to wield power over his neighbors or the region.”

But according to Gabbard, “it wasn’t a blunder at all” and Biden is “lying” about his true motives.

Pro-Putin rhetoric is nothing new for the former Hawaii congresswoman. Last month, as Putin began his invasion of Russia, Gabbard blamed the US, NATO and Ukraineclaiming that the war could “easily have been avoided” if NATO had “simply acknowledged Russia’s legitimate security concerns regarding Ukraine’s NATO membership”.

She also gave credence to a Russian-backed conspiracy theory regarding US biological labs in Ukraine which US officials say could serve as justification for Russia’s use of biological and chemical weapons against Ukraine. .

In 2019, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested in an interview that Gabbard, then a long shot in the Democratic presidential field, was groomed by Russia as an “asset” who would run as a third-party candidate and help usher in a Republican president. Gabbard filed, then later dropped, a libel suit against Clinton for the “Trump” comment.

Carlson, meanwhile, has been a favorite of Russian propagandists for weeks. The Fox News host has been repeatedly featured on Russian state-sponsored television for his defenses of Russia and his criticisms of the United States, NATO and Ukraine, and is even said to have been endorsed by the Kremlin in a leaked memo to state media.

Earlier this week he promoted a bizarre theory to keep Putin in power, suggesting that Islamic extremists would somehow seize the country’s nuclear weapons and use them against Americans if he is deposed .

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