Tucker Carlson reiterates racist ‘great replacement’ theory and says Democrats are trying to ‘replace voters’

Tucker Carlson reiterates racist ‘great replacement’ theory and says Democrats are trying to ‘replace voters’

Tucker Carlson once again promoted the baseless Great Replacement Theory on his show, accusing Democrats of trying to “replace” voters.

The Fox News host, who often talks about the theory of white supremacy, went on a long rant Tuesday night. Tucker Carlson tonight and blamed the government for “totally and forever changing America” ​​and “undermining democracy” by replacing US-born Americans with immigrants.

“Sometime around 1965, our leaders stopped trying to make the United States a hospitable place for American citizens, their constituents, to have their own families,” he said. “This was considered the central function of leadership – to perpetuate the population. If people were happy and confident, they would have children.”

“So, they stopped doing that and instead they just imported new people. It literally happened,” he added, singling out the media for keeping silent on what he considers a “recipe for social collapse”.

“When you do that, the media goes absolutely hysterical because it’s so obviously true… When it happens in this country, there’s enforced media silence and, in fact, if you notice it happening, it’s your fault. you are immoral You are a racist, but it has nothing to do with caste.”

He said that population growth in the United States since 1965 came from immigration, not from Americans having more children, without citing any references, reports or data for the years in question.

“Again, you can’t replace voters just because you didn’t like the results of the last election. That would be the definition of undermining democracy, changing the electorate,” he added.

Carlson has repeatedly been called upon to propose theories that are cited by criminals to justify their actions.

Most recently, it was mentioned by suspected Buffalo mass shooter Peyton Gendron.

The “replacement” theory is a nebulous term used for the idea that Democrats and the left in general are trying to “replace” or reduce white voters in the United States through immigration policy.

Variations of the theory vary sharply in white supremacist ideology and racism.

According to a The New York Times Analysis, the Fox News host has mentioned that idea in more than 400 episodes since 2016.

Carlson pointedly went on to address the theory by its name and claimed, baselessly, that it was a “selective strategy”.

“Great replacement. yes This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s their election strategy and we know it because they see it all the time.”

A Daily Dot The article refutes a claim that the white birth rate is declining, citing Pew Social and Demographic Trends that self-identified white, black, Hispanic, and Asian birth rates are all declining.

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