Trump supporter claims Space Force will overturn election result in bizarre interview at rally

At a political rally held in Michigan on Saturday, supporters of Donald Trump – the event’s keynote speaker – dragged out both tried and true conspiracy theories as well as yet new claims. more unverified and unsubstantiated before the former president’s speech.

While the one-term president brought his own false claims to the scene later Saturday, including one where he bragged about winning a non-existent ‘Man of the Year’ award, there were still more falsified fables pushed past the gates of the crowd at the Michigan Stars Sports Center in Washington Township before Mr. Trump even took the main stage.

One particular theory caught on camera, however, has caught the internet’s attention.

The theory, touted by a woman interviewed by the conservative Right Side Broadcasting Network ahead of the rally, alleges that Space Force, the US military wing set up by the Trump administration, will help bring the former president back to power.

“Space Force has it all. Trump has all the information. It’s going to be reversed,” said the woman, who asked to be identified only as Julie.

When the reporter pressed the woman, draped in an American flag with a matching cap, to elaborate, she got sucked into the hard-to-connect dots of the new QAnon-adjacent theory.

“But we know Space Force has everything, Trump has all the information, it’s going to be knocked down,” she began. “On election night, they literally watched the election being robbed. They watermarked the ballots, they know exactly what happened on each ballot,” she continued, before adding that she believed the military branch knew “which countries were involved” and “ all the politicians who have been paid”.

All claims made by the interviewee, which were not disputed by the right-wing media reporter, are unproven and part of a far-fetched conspiracy theory which, in addition to the Space Force claim, also weaved in familiar elements from core QAnon theories, like the Deep State.

“They’re going to show us taped courts, taped confessions, and the world is really going to be awake to what’s really going on with the Deep State,” the woman told the reporter, suggesting without providing evidence that those courts are probably will include some of the “269,000 sealed indictments associated with the election theft”.

This isn’t the first time Space Force has been caught up in a larger conspiracy pushed by QAnon supporters and Trump loyalists.

Earlier in 2020, a popular post surfaced on a Telegram channel popular with QAnon conspiracy theorists, in which he pushed claims echoed in the Trump supporter’s viral rant from last weekend.

“An election monitoring (surveillance) system has been installed by US Cyber ​​Command, Space Force and Cyber ​​Brigade Shadow Warriors,” the post claimed, adding, “Soon we will let’s see the real numbers.”

And then in 2018, FactCheck.orga project of The Annenberg Center for Public Policydebunked a claim peddled online that Mr Trump’s newly requested military branch was prompted by the former president’s belief that there was a feared “alien attack” underway.

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