Trump says Putin continues to use the ‘n-word’ meaning ‘nuclear’ as he claims the Russian leader is a ‘different’ man than the one he dealt with

Donald Trump said Russian President Vladimir Putin continued to use the ‘n-word’, as in ‘nuclear’, and he claimed Mr Putin was a ‘different’ man than the one he interacted with while there to the White House. .

“I listen to him constantly use the n-word, it’s the n-word, and he constantly uses it, the nuclear word,” Trump told Fox Business Network on Monday.

“He says ‘we’re looking at their nuclear power,’ but we’re a bigger nuclear power,” Trump added.

Mr Trump said the US nuclear arsenal is “tremendously powerful and I hope you never have to use it because it would be the tragedy of all tragedies”. But if we didn’t have it, we couldn’t talk”.

“We say ‘oh, it’s a nuclear power’, but we’re a bigger nuclear power. We have the biggest submarines, the most powerful machines the world has ever built,” Mr Trump said.

“You can’t let this tragedy continue,” Trump said of the war in Ukraine. “You cannot let these thousands of people die. There will be hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people by the end. »

The former president said Mr Putin was a “different person” compared to when he was in power.

“I got on well with him, I liked this country, and he liked his country, okay. But he’s a different person than he was, he seems to be different,” he said. “It just doesn’t seem like the same person I was dealing with.”

“We did well with Russia,” Mr. Trump said. “They didn’t attack any other country under our command. I’m the only one where this hasn’t happened. And with Bush, they took Georgia, and they took Crimea with Biden and Obama. And now he said ‘to hell with that’. Let’s take it all.”

“But even ‘sleepy eyed’ Chuck Todd on NBC said the other day when he was interviewing, I think it was [Secretary of State Antony] Blinker. He said, ‘how come this never happened under Trump?’ China did nothing. Russia did not. In fact, nobody did anything and we came to terms with North Korea,” Trump said.

This map shows the extent of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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(Images from the Press Association)

Jessica Pisano, an associate professor of politics at the New School for Social Research, wrote in an op-ed for Politico that a likely explanation for why Mr. Putin did not invade Ukraine during Mr. Trump’s presidency was that “with Trump in power, Putin was already getting what he wanted. The election changed all that.”

“Consider Trump and Biden’s stance on three key areas of deep concern to the Kremlin: NATO, political leadership in Ukraine, and undermining democracy,” she added. “Under Trump, there was little daylight between Russia and the United States on these issues.”

“The truth is that during his administration, Trump’s political alignment with Putin advanced the goals of Russian political elites, who could imagine the United States was on their side,” she wrote.

Russia commits ‘true act of genocide’ in Mariupol, says Ukrainian defense minister

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