Top Republicans, including MTG, seem happy with Musk’s Twitter deal

  • Top Republicans hailed Elon Musk’s $43 billion deal to make Twitter private.
  • Many argue that Twitter and other social media platforms censor conservative speech.
  • Musk has described himself as a “free speech absolutist”.

Prominent Republicans, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, appear happy with Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion.

“Today is a great day to be conservative on Twitter,” said Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn. tweetedadding, “Elon Musk buying Twitter terrifies the left because they don’t want their power to censor conservatives threatened.”

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert tweeted: “Elon Musk now literally owns the libraries.”

Republicans have openly backed the deal, believing Musk will end what they see as anti-conservative bias on the social media platform.

Musk has described himself as a “free speech absolutist” and in a regulatory filing, said he wanted to buy Twitter to preserve free speech on the platform.

Georgia Rep. Taylor Greene’s personal Twitter account was permanently suspended in January for “repeated violations” of Twitter’s COVID-19 Disinformation Policy. She continues to tweet from her government account.

After Musk’s deal was announced on Monday, Taylor Greene posted a series of screenshots detailing tweets that Twitter had classified as violating its policy. “My personal freedom of speech has been violated on this platform with an unknown number of Americans, and I want my personal account back,” she said. tweeted.

Just before the deal was announced, when news reports indicated an announcement was imminent, Taylor Greene tweeted from his government account: “Prepare for a full-scale blue tick meltdown after @elonmusk seals the deal and I should restore my personal Twitter account.”

It’s unclear if Musk will force Twitter to reinstate the suspended accounts.

At a town hall meeting after the deal was announced, Twitter employees asked if Musk’s ownership could result in former President Donald Trump’s permanent ban being overturned. CEO Parag Agrawal replied, “We don’t know which direction the platform will go.”

Trump told Fox News he would not return to Twitter even if his suspension was lifted, preferring to stay on his own Truth Social social media platform. But advisers close to Trump told the Washington Post they were skeptical of his claim.

Representative Jim Jordan tweeted after the announcement of the Musk agreement, “freedom of expression is making a comeback”. Before that, Jordan led a group of GOP lawmakers in writing to Twitter’s board asking it to preserve all communications around Musk’s candidacy.

Blackburn too mentioned on Twitter: “Today is an encouraging day for free speech. I hope Elon Musk helps bring Big Tech’s history to censorship of users who have a different point of view under control.”

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