Top executives resign from Trump’s Truth Social as ex-president continues to avoid his own platform

Two senior executives from Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, have quit after a month of misfires and a lack of interest from the former president.

Reuters reports that Josh Adams and Billy Boozer, Truth Social’s chief technology and product development officers, have resigned. They left the company less than a year after their arrival and just before the start of a critical phase in the life of the platform – the development and publication of applications.

Truth Social was sold to conservatives as a Trump-endorsed alternative to Twitter, without censorship or a “cancellation culture,” but with the added “benefit” that Mr. Trump actively participates in the platform. Since its launch on February 20, the platform has been derided by tech critics and a source of frustration for curators who have been placed on long waiting lists before being allowed access.

Truth Social launched with just an iPhone app, leaving out 40% of the US mobile market. The company said it plans to make an Android app at some point in the future.

In addition to the app’s lack of functionality and the large number of interested users unable to access the site, the platform has also – arguably – suffered from a severe lack of Mr. Trump.

Although Mr Trump’s participation is a central selling point, the former president has so far posted once on his own social media app. He has made dozens of statements on his personal website, some of which are even Twitter-length.

“Our country has totally lost confidence in him!” Mr. Trump wrote on his website on February 23. Its Twitter lookalike app had launched three days prior.

Mr. Adams and Mr. Boozer did not comment to Reuters explaining their departure from the company, and it is unclear whether the company’s bumpy rollout influenced their exit.

Sources close to the company who spoke to Reuters said the company’s future would be uncertain without tech executives directing its course, especially when an Android version of the platform still needed to be developed.

“If Josh is gone… all bets are off,” one person told Reuters, referring to Mr Adams, whom they called the “mastermind” behind the platform’s technology.

When the pair joined the project, they reportedly embraced its “anti-cancellation culture” message and hoped to create an “open platform, where as long as you don’t say anything criminal, you can be entitled to your opinion.” according to one source.

Truth Social reportedly attempted to build a workforce of ideologically like-minded individuals through the use of political screenings and tests. As a result, the company’s hiring pool was shallow, forcing the Truth Social team to recruit.

A source speaking with the outlet said at least one person the company tried to recruit said they couldn’t bear the thought of working for Mr Trump. Another potential recruit allegedly told company headhunters that they were concerned that a site like Truth Social and its employees could be targeted by hackers.

Mr. Adams and Mr. Boozer, both conservatives, apparently passed the corporate policy litmus test but never went public with their work for Mr. Trump’s platform. Their job titles at Truth Social were not added to their LinkedIn profiles — both of which were active — and the company did not release a statement announcing their hires.

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