Today’s Word Answer #299: Solution for Thursday April 14th

My time is going fast. Today we find ourselves just one entrance away from the 300th Wordle – an auspicious occasion that we should certainly celebrate. . . somehow. I wonder what the 300th Wordle will be? I’m delighted to find out.

I will say this: Today’s Wordle is a hard act to follow. It’s one of my favorite words so far, up there with some good ones like mound or rupee. Not the easiest word but not the hardest either. Will tomorrow be a particularly difficult word? Or something funny?

The 200th Wordle fell on January 5 with the very fun word TIGER. Maybe we’ll have another fun one like this.

It also reminds me that I’ve only been writing these guides since Wordle #210, 89 days ago. And in that short time, this column really took off. Thank you, my dear Wordlers, for making it so.

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Today’s Wordle #299 Answer and Hint

disclose Warning. We have a SPOILER warning! Oh baby this is a spoiler warning, spoiler warning, if you don’t want to be spoiled you should close your browser, throw away your phone, burn down your house, move to a new city, maybe disavow the internet , living in a cabin deep in the woods cut off from society. Totally isolate. During the winter, hibernate. Pretend it’s better luck than a spoiler.

Okay, let’s get to the index!

A type of meat pie.

And the answer is . . . .


To see!? What a big word. I only hear that word when someone talks about minced meat pie which, in the United States, is literally never. It is not a food that we eat here. When I first heard of ground meat pie I assumed it was basically beef and gravy in a pie, maybe carrots and peas, which sounds delicious.

This is NOT a ground meat pie. The minced meat is made with a few variations of beef tallow, currants, rump steak, raisins, brown sugar, brandy, candied citrus peel, lemon juice and zest, nutmeg and apples. It’s mostly a fruit pie. It looks a bit terrible even though I refuse to hit it before trying it.

Anyway, my first guess fried did little for me. I had two yellow boxes and two vowels. Oops-dee-do. Bowie Wasn’t much better (although I imagine David Bowie had his share of mince pies back then). I was actually thinking Bowie knives rather than the Ziggy Stardust. I have a bowie knife which is very sharp. Ideal for cutting minced meat pie ingredients.

From here, with a green ‘E’ and a yellow ‘I’ I guessed picture which reduced the “I” to the second box and gave me a yellow “M”. Here I am very, very stuck. ‘I’ in the second box and ‘E’ in the fifth box with a random ‘M’. . . I just couldn’t think of anything to match. It took a lot of tinkering with the remaining letters before finally coming across chop.

Very harsh word. It’s not something we Yankees think about a lot or use on a daily basis. Brits might have it easier with this one. But hey, I got it in four. It’s not too ugly!

Have a great Thor day, dear readers. Once again, Friday is approaching. Friday and the 300th Wordle!

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