Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Player Uses Character Creator To Create Sub-Zero

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands innovative player creates Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat series with the game’s character designer.

The wonders of Tiny Tina has been in the spotlight since its launch last month, and Gearbox’s popular RPG is receiving praise from gamers due to its impressive character builder. This tool allows The wonders of Tiny Tina players to create and modify their characters, known as Fatemakers, according to their wishes and preferences.

Players go wild with the game’s creation tools to create random characters from other universes from various video games, movies, cartoons, and TV series. The wonders of Tiny Tina gamers around the world have created many popular characters, including Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kratos from the God of the war series, and Mario from the Super Mario Bros. series, among many others.


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A mortal combat fan has gone the extra mile to bring a notable fighting game character into the fantasy realm of The wonders of Tiny Tina. Reddit user MaxToner took it upon himself to merge the two worlds by harnessing the character creation tools from Gearbox’s latest RPG to create Sub-Zero from the mortal combat series close to perfection. MaxToner beautifully captured Sub-Zero’s attire, giving him his signature look in the blue-black armor and headgear. The Reddit community praised MaxToner’s efforts, while many inquired about the specific colors used in Sub-Zero’s armor.

The color blue is strongly associated with Sub-Zero to symbolize his ability to manipulate and control ice in many ways. Sub-Zero first appeared in the original mortal combat game in 1992 and saw many minor outfit changes. The Blue Steel skin of Mortal Kombat X is considered by many to be the best outfit for Sub-Zero mortal combat fans, while others defend the outfit from the original game.

Interesting way, mortal combat seems to be a trending topic among The wonders of Tiny Tina players, as they also created other fighting game characters. For example, another The wonders of Tiny Tina a fan created Scorpion, the iconic Ninja from Japan. A multiplayer squad of these two with Scorpion and Sub-Zero sounds amazing and could happen sooner rather than later.

While many gamers enjoy Tiny Tina’s Wonderland character creator, a few aren’t happy with the game’s cosmetic loot system. Some players are complaining that cosmetics they already own appear in the Missing Loot Bin in Brighthoof, and many of them are asking that a different color is displayed for cosmetic loot drops. Therefore, Gearbox should probably look for an alternative approach to Tiny Tina’s Wonderland cosmetic loot system.

The wonders of Tiny Tina is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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