Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Player Uncovers a Big Counter for a Witch Leader’s Son

The wonders of Tiny Tina is an Action Role-playing First-person Shooter game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. A mixture of love Borderlands and Dungeons and Dragons, The wonders of Tiny Tina is a fantasy-filled adventure through a tabletop realm in which players loot and fight their way through various scenic levels and encounter deadly bosses.

One such boss is Wastard, a necromancer whose spirit was ripped from his body for challenging the game’s main antagonist, the Dragon Lord. Also known as the “Son of Witch” boss in Chambers of Chaos, players find it very difficult to overcome this challenge due to the boss’s ability to shoot the player character with its projectile attack, so that fans are eagerly looking for a solution.


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Fortunately, Redditor jochinhs is here to save the day, because The wonders of Tiny Tina can be a tough game without a helping hand or a guide. They’re kind enough to share a video that shows the best way to avoid instant death from a witch’s son boss is to use a seal. In the video, the player can be seen throwing the seal as soon as the boss encounter begins, blocking multiple projectiles capable of one-hit kills, and the seal used is the epic Snowballing Fortifying Sigil. This gives the player a chance to regroup after the projectile attack and start doing damage to the boss.

Different seal spells have different casting methods. The seal spell in this video has a “cast around owner” method, which means it creates an area of ​​effect around the player and the effects of the seal last as long as the player stays in that area. Due to the fortifying defense aspect of this particular seal, the player is able to stay within its boundaries in order to be safe from the boss’s projectile attacks.

Borderlands 3 players will recognize spells in The wonders of Tiny Tina be similar to grenades in that there are many different types with varying and complex effects. These spells not only contribute to the high-fantasy and D&D tone of the game, but also add an element of complexity and depth to combat.

Although many may find using a sigil a cheap method of protecting against the Witch’s Son boss’ missile attacks, The wonders of Tiny Tina encourages all players to use every possible piece of their arsenal to emerge victorious.

The wonders of Tiny Tina is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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