Tiny Tina’s first DLC coiled sensors will launch tomorrow

Tasked with freeing the Chums from their “fleshy prison,” Coiled Captors takes us to a wintry wasteland full of loot, colorful pirates, and more.

Pirate standing in hot pink and blue armor with straight spiked epaulette

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is getting four DLCs with the first launching tomorrow on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. It’s called Coiled Captors, a replayable dungeon where the boss – Chums – keeps growing and changing with each defeat.

You have to fight them week after week to unlock the next version of the dungeon, but you don’t have to be far in the game to try it out. All you need is to be level 13 – then venture into Dreamveil Outlook and you can fight to find Chums, then again, and again, and again…

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However, the dungeon is permadeath. If Chums manages to get the upper hand and kill you, you’ll have to start from scratch. If you manage to get through and beat them, you’ll unlock currency for “a new weapon, gear, or cosmetic to add to your collection”, as the enemies you face will give you lost souls that can be spent on the Wheel of Destiny.

We see a “frozen dungeon” with snake women, mud monsters, land sharks, rainbow magic, pirate gear, rocket launchers, scale armor, underground ruins ravaged by coral, throwing dice, etc. You can see it all in the embedded trailer above. Oh, and did I mention these land sharks have spectral horns?

If you have the Season Pass, you’ll get access to Coiled Captors at no additional cost, but you can pick it up on its own as a separate item if you don’t want to commit to all the DLC just yet. With the release of Coiled, there are only three left – Glutton’s Gamble, Molten Mirrors and Shattering Spectreglass.

“Only you have the power to free the humiliatingly named ‘Chums’ from its fleshy prison – but that means wading through winter wastelands, barren ruins and flooded caverns full of enemies,” the blog post reads. If you want to risk everything and “save” Chums, you better prepare tonight because tomorrow the first week of the dungeon begins.

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