Tim Sweeney reacts to cryptocurrency trend, says it’s currently overrun with scams

Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney spoke about one of the hottest issues in tech and gaming right now, which is digital economies, including cryptocurrency. Speaking to Fast Company, the billionaire founder of the Fortnite studio said he believes digital products will become massively popular and lucrative, reaching into the trillions of dollars, but right now the market is filled with bad actors and bad actors. scams.

“The idea of ​​a digital economy that isn’t controlled by a single company, that’s decentralized and open to all participants, and that has incredibly low transaction fees, that’s a tremendous aspiration,” Sweeney said. . “I support the idea of ​​universal ownership – the idea that if you were to buy an avatar in one place, you would own it in all other places where it is conceptually compatible…the domain of zero-knowledge proofs – the idea that you can verify that something happened without receiving any private details about it – this powers a number of cryptocurrencies in privacy protection while running a decentralized system, I think this will be the backbone of much of the next century in technology.”