This Final Fantasy 6 1/6 Scale Figure Costs $11,500

Square Enix has revealed a Masterclass Final Fantasy 6 1/6 statue that features Tera aboard Magitek armor, and it costs $11,500.

Final Fantasy fans now know that Square Enix likes to sell pretty expensive merchandise, but it may have set a new record last night when he revealed Final Fantasy 6 1/6 Masterclass statue for sale. The statue features Tera on top of Magitek armor, along with a nameplate, interchangeable parts for different faces and poses, and a small Moogle you can put on the statue.

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The shared video of the statue shows it’s absolutely huge and a very impressive piece of Square Enix, but the 1.45 million yen or $11,500 price tag is sure to put even the biggest Final fan off. Fantasy 6. Square also confirmed that the statue will be limited to 600 pieces worldwide, with 150 exclusively in Japan. Pre-orders for the statue will continue until they reach the limit of 600, and shipping is expected to begin July 23, 2023.


For comparison, Square Enix’s first figure in the Masterclass series, one of Nier Automata’s 2B, 9S, and A2, cost around $2,478 in total. It’s unclear why there’s such a big price difference between the two, but it’s angered many fans and even former Square Enix employees. Legendary Square Enix director Hironobu Sakaguchi tweeted“Even compared to the cost of making dioramas for Fantasian. Isn’t that a bit too much? Do you agree with Square Enix?”

This incredibly expensive merchandise should come as no surprise to anyone used to Square Enix by now. The other day we reported that he was selling Kingdom Hearts tumblers that cost $600 each, which is still a far cry from the over ten grand you’d shell out for that statue, but it’s still a reminder of how of which common it is for the company.

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