Third-Person ‘Halo Infinite’ Looks Like Zero Build ‘Fortnite’

A clip has been making the rounds on Twitter over the past day that shows off a mod that turns Halo Infinite into an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter.

This is not a new development. The clip is actually from a three month old video on Opulent Halo’s channel which you can watch below:

While certainly a little janky, the mod works surprisingly well, and I couldn’t help but think about how it reminds me of Zero Build Fortnite, given not just the third-person perspective, but the scenery. Halo Infinite on Zeta Halo, which really resembles some aspects of the forested areas of a Fortnite map.

It also occurred to me that we can make a direct comparison because of course Master Chief is also a licensed Fortnite crossover skin, having come to the game months ago. Here’s what it looks like:

A frequent point of debate is whether or not Halo Infinite should have launched with a battle royale mode, an argument that has mostly divided fans and streamers, and something that 343 outright dismissed long before launch, claiming that the only BR they were interested in was the Battle Rifle.

While I understand maybe not wanting to be accused of following trends, I think the game is probably would like to lent themselves to a solid BR mode, and I think we’ve seen that ditching your traditional gameplay and branching out can work really well. I mean, look what Call of Duty has accomplished with Warzone, now more popular than regular multiplayer itself. It could have solved some of Halo’s player abandonment issues, I would say, and definitely would have boosted its presence on Twitch.

As for Halo in third person? No, just no. It’s a fun mod and a cool little experience, but I’m drawing the line by giving Halo a third-person option for everything except holding heavy weapons and such. It fundamentally changes the game too much at its core, and even if they did do a battle royale someday, obviously they’d have to stick with the first-person perspective.

We’re heading into the second multiplayer season of Halo Infinite early next month, which will bring a Lone Wolves theme, new maps, modes, and events. From there, we’ll see what the longer-term plans for Halo are, especially those that might involve returning to Zeta Halo as Master Chief himself for more single-player action.

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