There could be new Minecraft projects in the works

Mojang is constantly keeping Minecraft updated with all sorts of new content, and it’s just possible that more projects will be in the future.

For ten years, Minecraft reigned supreme with millions of players and a map size so huge, the creativity is almost endless. As one of the highest-grossing video games of the past decade, if not all time, Mojang’s open-world sandbox IP is the ultimate story of gaming wealth. Given its popularity, it’s no surprise that the studio keeps up to date with updates and adds new content, and it’s now possible that more projects will be on the way at some point.


As noted in a recent article, the LinkedIn profile of Torfi Frans Olafsson, Director of Franchise Development for Minecraft, suggests that there might be new things related to block play. Although nothing was said specifically, it is interesting that Olafsson described their role in the company as being responsible for “designing new projects”. That doesn’t sound like much, but considering they’ve only been in the job since February, it suggests there could be something, or more, in the works.

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It’s not much to do right now, but it may be worth keeping an eye out for. What those theoretical projects might be is anyone’s guess at this point. Given that Minecraft had the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update last year and the developer is still tweaking and adding new stuff, the idea of ​​an elusive big project on the horizon isn’t entirely on the cards. beyond the realm of the possible. It’s worth remembering at this point that there has been no official word on a new project in the works at Mojang, but fans may start to speculate based on Olafsson’s job description.

As a video game with nearly infinite replay value, there’s already an awful lot that can be done and seen in Minecraftso it’s hard to imagine exactly how far further the studio can take the game. There were even rumors of a possible sequel a few years ago, but those have since been quashed.

With Jason Momoa in negotiations to star in the next Minecraft movie, it’s clear that the game isn’t about to slow down in terms of popularity. Given how long it’s been out, there are people who practically grew up playing it. And with so many talented people still creating exciting new builds, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for this once independent title.

Minecraft is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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Source: Comic, LinkedIn

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