The Xbox mobile app to get a new Snapchat-style feature

Chances are many of you reading this have been struck by the need to brag about your gambling winnings over and over. If you’re playing alone, it’s not always easy. Sharing content on social media platforms directly from your console, especially if you need to act fast or play online, isn’t always possible, let alone easy. Xbox attempted to remedy this by adding Stories to its own mobile app.

The new feature, which is only available in Australia at the time of writing, is exactly what it sounds like. The new Stories feature in the Xbox app is directly inspired by the same mechanism first used on Snapchat, and one that has since been adopted by Instagram and virtually every other social media platform since. Now it’s Xbox’s turn, The Verge reports, and while the stories are already a bit dated thanks to TikTok, using them in-game makes perfect sense.


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For starters, if you score a last-minute winner in Rocket League or pick someone a mile away in Fortnite, you won’t need to frantically add the moment to your story before continuing your game. You’ll still need to save that moment, but it can be added to your story through the app once you have a second to do so. Clips, screenshots, and achievements can all be added to your story. You can then add things to it before posting, and anything you post will stay on your profile for 72 hours, as detailed by Xbox in its latest blog post.

Anyone you’re friends with can then bask in your glory and respond to your stories with a message or a simple reaction. To add new content to your story, simply click the + symbol next to your gamertag, then select the clip, screenshot, or achievement you want to add. As mentioned above, the feature is currently exclusively available to Xbox owners in Australia, but will be gradually rolling out worldwide in the near future.

Xbox recently came under fire after quietly removing the ability to share screenshots to Twitter directly from your console, adding what felt like an unnecessary step. The backlash that followed this decision led to its rapid overthrow. PlayStation has also made sharing your video game triumphs easier by allowing screenshots and clips saved on your console to be shared through the PS app.

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