The Sega Genesis Mini 2 will have less supply than the original

The Sega Genesis Mini 2 will have less supply than the original

Sega’s upcoming mini console, the Sega Genesis Mini 2, will be sold in much more limited supply than the 2019 original console.

Over the past few years, various gaming companies have been offering fans different ways to play retro titles. One of the trends that has seen great success is the release of miniature gaming consoles that are preloaded with a set of classic games. Nintendo’s NES and SNES mini consoles arguably codified the concept, though they both suffered from scalping and supply issues. Not to be outdone, Sega released its own miniature console, with another coming out later this year: Sega Genesis Mini 2.

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According to sales data, the original 2019 Sega Genesis Mini (or Sega Mega Drive Mini depending on region) sold 1.5 million units. Some consoles also had region exclusive games depending on where they were sold. Much like the original, the Sega Genesis Mini 2 features several retro titles, although this time around there will be some classics that were never made for the system as well as some Sega CD games. Despite it being a product that will be highly anticipated by older Sega fans and potential buyers, the mini console will be in short supply compared to its 2019 release.

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In an Ars Technica article, Sega answered a few questions regarding the upcoming Sega Genesis mini console sequel. This confirmation comes in a rather roundabout way, as both the promotion and shipment of the mini console appear to be handled by Sega of Japan as opposed to Sega of America. A letter from the Japanese office confirmed that the Sega Genesis Mini 2 originally began as a “Japan only” project before being produced in small numbers specifically for the West.

The letter states that the reduced number of units is also linked to a global semiconductor shortage, which has affected all forms of electronic manufacturing, not just video games. The number of Sega Genesis Mini 2 units will be one-tenth of the total number produced for previous console releases, already making the console a prime target for scalpers and the like.

If fans want the console for themselves when it’s released this year, the only way to order it right now is through an Amazon US listing, which notes that all orders will be shipped from Japan. The current price is around $106 USD, which is slightly higher than the $80 the 2019 mini console sold for at launch. If fans are still on the fence about ordering this Sega mini console, knowing that very few units are being made is probably reason enough to bite the bullet and order one.

The Sega Genesis Mini 2 Released on October 27, 2022.

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Source: Ars Technica

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