The perfect plan Urs Fischer arrives in Mexico with his art exhibition: Lovers

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Urs Fischer is one of the most active and recognized artists of contemporary art in the world today. From April 2 to September 18 of this year, you can attend this exhibition composed of artistic works of different techniques such as: sculpture, photography, drawing, editions and painting.

The exhibition is a retrospective of 20 years of the artist’s work , which is gathered in the different galleries of the museum. According to Fischer, art should be “the opposite of boredom… It’s not about momentary experiences, but feelings that stay with you.”

This exhibition leaves aside the chronology; because it mixes various expressions that allow us to see a manifestation of the artist’s rather intimate feelings, since this experience is qualified as immersive; since as a spectator you will be able to perceive each of the different works in a sensory way.

Within the exhibition, one of the figures that stands out the most is the work “The Lovers #2” , an incredible sculpture ten meters high that personifies the union of two people through the purest act, which in the eyes of the author is neither more nor less than love; this work is made of stainless steel, cast aluminum and gold leaf; and it is already installed inside the enclosure.

The exhibition is located in galleries 1, 2 and 3 of the place; On the first floor, you will find works that address the theme of passing time, such as his famous wax sculptures, which will be melted down to “mark the passage of time”. On the second floor is the “Melody” exhibit, an experience that consists of drops that mimic rain, hanging from the ceiling. Finally, on the third floor, you will find a garden in which there are various sculptures by Fischer.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this exhibition by one of today’s most notable contemporary artists and immerse yourself in the Lovers experience. Admission is free and will be available until September 18.

Who is Urs Fischer?

Urs Fischer is a contemporary artist of Swiss origin currently based in New York in the United States. The multiple techniques that the artist handles are: sculpture, installation and photography. In 2012 Fischer became the first living artist to have a monographic exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi. His works are part of the collections of different museums around the world, among which: the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum in New York, the Rubell Family Collection in Miami and now he will also be part of the Jumex Collection in the City. from Mexico .

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