The new leak reveals great features but is a price shock

The new leak reveals great features but is a price shock

It has been claimed that lots of new Apple watches will be seen this fall. And one of them stands out as the most exciting: a whole new addition to the range that is much tougher than the rest and suitable for those who like extreme sports. But in the shocking news, a new report has a big surprise for the price.

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According to Mark Gurman in his latest Power On Newsletter, the super-tough Apple Watch will be very different from the current model Series 7. This means that Apple is “ready to give the Apple Watch its ‘Pro’ level.” It’s understandable. After all, there are models like the iPhone Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, AirPods Pro and iMac Pro, so why not the Apple Watch Pro?

Gurman explicitly states that adding pro suffixes means different things, but a change is consistent: a higher price.

Many of Gurman’s comments today have been made earlier by him and others: You can read my full run-down of the latest details here. These include a larger display, more crush-resistant front, better swimming tracking and hiking tracking, longer battery life and more premium metal cladding.

Now, Gurman mentions that he thinks the new metal will probably be titanium. Personally, I was hoping ceramics came back into the range. Gurman has a stab at what the new watch will be called After all, there are rumors of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Max, Apple Watch Plus and Apple Watch Explorer. That end always seemed a little weak to me.

Gurman said: “Within the company, the N199 codenamed Rugged Apple Watch will be applicable to extreme sports enthusiasts and consumers who usually spring for Apple Pro offers. I think the company will probably go with the Apple Watch Pro name and marketing. Apple is already talking about the durability of current watches, so it’s clearly a selling point that it believes in clicking with customers. “

This is understandable to me, and it certainly shakes up the expectations of Apple users with high price tags.

So, what about the current premium range, the Apple Watch version, currently available in Titanium Finish? Gurman believes it will be dropped. “Moving to a new Apple Watch probably means the end of the Apple Watch version.”

This may be true, although I have slowly floated the idea that the Apple Watch version could also be the name of the new model.

Nevertheless, the earlier version models are identical in design and features with the regular watch, supporting premium metal extra price. Or maybe the Apple Watch version could run alongside this new Apple Watch Pro.

Gurman claims that a new Apple Watch SE will replace the existing model at a price point of $ 279. This may be true, but as expected to disappear from the range of Series 3, I thought there was a certain place to be an entry-level model rather than disappearing for the original SE.

Finally, Gurman has revealed the price that Apple expects to charge and it brought some tears. The current Apple Watch version costs $ 849 for the larger, 45mm model. But the price of the new “Pro” model has been claimed to be much higher. “The new high-end Apple Watch will pack a slightly larger display, newer sensors and higher-end content, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts at around $ 900 to $ 999,” Gurman said.

If true, the starting price of the Pro Watch will be the same as that of the Pro iPhone.

I’m not sure I think that’s right. My gut feeling is that Apple wants to be more affordable than its Apple Watch Pro. We’ll find out next month.

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