The Murdoch Murder: How a Tragedy-Prone Family Shot, a Supportive Suicide Attempt, and Other Bizarre Accidents Dominated U.S. Headlines

The Murdoch Murder: How a Tragedy-Prone Family Shot, a Supportive Suicide Attempt, and Other Bizarre Accidents Dominated U.S. Headlines

He had everything on the spot.

He was a high-powered attorney who ran his own law firm and worked in the local prosecutor’s office.

He was the son of a powerful legal dynasty that dominated the local South Carolina community for nearly a century.

He was a family man with a wife and two adult sons.

But in the last 13 months, Alex Murdoch There has been a spectacular fall from compassion, including the brutal double murder of his wife and son.

On Tuesday, the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) met with surviving members of the Murdaugh family and informed them that Maggie and Paul, 53, would be charged with murder.

Evidence of the murder will be presented to the grand jury within two days.

This is by far the most heinous allegation but one of the unsolved murders that has erupted against Mr Murdoch over the past year.

According to law enforcement agencies, he is a fraudster who embezzled millions of dollars from his clients.

He is the one who paid a hitman to shoot him so that his surviving son would go down in an insurance disaster.

He is an opioid addict who has ruined his family’s finances and who is mysteriously surrounded by other unexplained deaths.

More bizarre than the end with each scandal, here’s what you need to know:

Murder of wife and son

The twist story began on June 7, 2021, when Maggie Murdoch, 52, and Paul Murdoch, 22, were shot dead in a brutal double murder at a family-wide hunting lodge on Islandton, South Carolina.

It was high-profile attorney Mr. Murdoch who claimed to have discovered their bodies, making a dramatic 911 call that night where he left the phone and cried.

He claims he returned home to visit his dead father and found his wife and son near the canals of the property, both suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

The call, previously published by investigators, was made at 10.07pm local time.

Corona kept the time of death of the two victims between 9pm and 9:30 pm.

In the audio, Mr Murdoch is heard crying as he tells the sender “it’s bad” and “my wife and child have been badly shot”.

When asked if his loved ones were breathing, he did not answer and asked for “please hurry”.

Mr Murdoch also told the sender that he had not seen anyone on the property.

It was later found that two different weapons – a rifle and a shotgun – were used to kill the victims.

For the past 13 months, no arrests have been made, no suspects have been named, and no charges have been brought against them for murder.

Mr Murdoch’s attorney had previously admitted that the 53-year-old husband and father were interested in their murder but insisted that his client was innocent.

No other interested people were named.

His family gathered around him, attended with his brothers Good morning America His innocent claim.

A year later, John Murdoch said Post and courier His brother, who was told he will now be charged with murder.

“The whole family was adamant that no matter what happened, we wanted the truth,” he said.

Freedom Reached SLED for more information.

No motive is known.

At the time of their deaths, Maggie was reportedly living apart from her husband at the time of her murder and was talking to divorce attorneys.

Paul, meanwhile, faced trial for the death of a 19-year-old woman in a boat.

Boched Hitman plot

Three months after their murder – September 4 – Mr. Murdoch was shot on a side street in Hampton County.

He survived and called 911 to claim he was struck by a drive-by shooting while changing the tires of his car.

He was treated at a hospital for what police called a “gunshot wound to the head.”

But his story unfolded quickly.

A day after the shooting, Mr Murdoch entered rehab for 20 years of opioid addiction and announced that he had resigned from his law firms Peters, Murdoch, Parker, Eltzroth and Detrick (PMPED).

A few days later, his law enforcement partners accused him of stealing millions of dollars from his clients a few years ago.

Partners confronted Mr. Murdoch about the allegations and fired him from the firm just a day before the shooting.

The version of Mr Murdoch’s events quickly disintegrated and, on September 13, he confessed to police that an alleged hitman had been paid to shoot him in a supportive suicide plot so that his surviving son Buster could receive a $ 10 million life insurance windfall.

He admitted that he paid his Curtis Smith, 61, a former client, to run the shooting.

Both have been arrested and a case has been filed in this regard.

Mr Murdoch was then released on bond on the promise that he would enter rehabilitation for his opioid addiction.

Curtis Edward Smith, 61, is accused of shooting Alex Murdoch at Mr Murdoch’s own request.

(Clayton County Sheriff’s Office)

Mysterious death of housewife

After being released from rehabilitation a month later, Mr Murdoch was dramatically arrested in 2018 on charges of stealing funds from the family’s longtime housekeeper Gloria Sutterfield’s mysterious trip and wrongful death settlement for the fall.

Mr Murdoch is accused of embezzling $ 3.4 million from a কোম্প 4 million settlement with a fake company called Forge for Sutterfield boys.

Since then questions have been circulating around Sutterfield’s death and investigators have reopened an investigation into his death.

Earlier this year, officials announced plans to exhume his body.

Sutterfield worked for the influential Murdoch family for more than 20 years when he was found under some stairs in the family home.

He died weeks after his injury.

At the time, his death was considered an accidental fall – although his death certificate described his death as “natural”.

Mr Murdoch has reached an agreement to pay his family $ 4m for an unjust death settlement – but they have never received a penny.

Mr Murdoch is now accused of fraud from his insurance company to help finance his drug habit.

But as soon as Mr Murdoch’s name made headlines, Hampton County Coroner Angela Topper asked SLED to reopen the investigation into her death.

“The coroner was not notified of the death at the time, and an autopsy was not performed,” Mrs Topper wrote.

“The method of death was ruled ‘natural’ in the death certificate, which is not compatible with injuries in travel and fall accidents.”

Alex Murdoch, accused of plotting to assassinate himself, has been arrested and charged with insurance fraud.

(Hampton County Detention Center)

‘Waste of funds’ charge

In total, Mr Murdoch has already faced a staggering 79 charges out of 15 in the vicinity of a plot to commit suicide and a plan to defraud the Sutterfield family and other victims of millions of dollars.

Other mysteries are death

At the time of Paul’s murder, the 22-year-old was due to face trial for the death of 19-year-old Mallory Beach in a 2019 boat accident.

Paul was driving a boat in a state of intoxication when he wrecked it, throwing his friend Mrs. Beach to his death.

He was charged with sailing under the influence and was sentenced to 25 years in prison but was killed before his trial, rumors spread immediately that the incident was somehow linked to Paul’s death.

An investigation into the death of a third mystery linked to the Murdaugh family has reopened.

Stephen Smith, 19, was found dead on a road from blunt force trauma to the head in 2015.

His death was officially ruled a hit-and-run but the victim’s family has long expressed skepticism about this version of the incident and said rumors have spread in the community that a “Murdoch boy” may be involved.

Opioid addiction for decades

Mr Murdoch’s attorney, Richard Harputlian, dramatically revealed last autumn that his client had been battling drug addiction for a decade and had played a role in his suicide attempt.

“For the past 20 years, a lot of people have been taking opioids for their addiction.

“At the time, these individuals took advantage of his addiction and the ability to raise sufficient funds for illicit drugs,” Mr. Harputlian said in a statement.

“One of these people took advantage of his mental illness to shoot Alex in the head and agree to take his life.”

Who are the Murdaughs?

Before the dramatic fall from grace, Mr. Murdoch was a powerful figure in Hampton County.

For nearly a century, his family members have reigned in the local justice system, his father, grandfather and great-grandfather all working as solicitors in the 14th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

Her father died just days after Maggie and Paul were killed.

Meanwhile, Mr Murdoch’s only surviving son, Buster, has been accused of standing by his father.

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