The Lerner family, owners of the Washington Nationals, could consider selling their team, according to the report

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The Lerner family, owners of the Washington Nationals since 2006, may be considering selling the team. Barry Svrulga from Washington Post reports that the Lerners recently hired an investment bank to explore such a possibility. Exploration could lead to additional investors being brought into the team or the team being put up for sale, resulting in a full transfer of ownership.

“As revenue streams around professional sports continue to evolve and the strength of the Washington Nationals brand continues to grow, the team believes it is prudent to evaluate all available options,” said team spokesperson Jennifer Giglio. To post.

Led by family patriarch and real estate mogul Ted Lerner, now 96, the Lerners bought the Nationals about 16 years ago for $450 million. According to recent Forbes estimates, the Nationals are now valued at around $2 billion. The possibility of fetching such a sale price is perhaps part of the motivation.

Under the Lerners, the Nationals won four division titles and five playoff appearances. In 2019, they won the first and so far only World Series title in franchise history. Shortly before the Lerners made their purchase, the club moved from Montreal to Washington, D.C. and dropped the Expos name for Nationals.

As Svrulga notes, the possibility of a sale comes as the Nationals hope to sign franchise slugger Juan Soto to a long-term and almost certainly record-breaking contract extension. Additionally, a dispute with the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, which broadcasts Nationals games but is owned and controlled by the Baltimore Orioles, has been ongoing for several years. These two substantial uncertainties would certainly not prevent a sale, but they could complicate it.

The most recent MLB teams sold were the Mets ($2.475 billion) and Royals ($1 billion) in 2020.

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