The Cycle: Frontier April 6 Patch Addresses Matchmaking Between Solos and Squads – Full Patch Notes

The latest update for The Cycle: Frontier is scheduled for April 6. Among other things, it will fix one of the biggest issues players have voiced since the game’s unveiling: solos and squads are paired up in the same lobbies. As The Cycle: Frontier is more punishing than the average multiplayer shooter and requires a greater investment of time from players, having a good competitive framework is essential to ensure players have a valid reason to stay. Currently, solos and teams of two and three players are found on the same maps, which results in a consistently frustrating experience for solos and somewhat boring for groups. The Cycle: Frontier patch on April 6 will address the issue by slightly tweaking the MMR system to compensate for the innate drawbacks of solo players. To put it simply, if you’re playing solo, you’ll still run into teams in your matches, but they’ll often wear weaker gear, which in theory gives you a fighting chance.

To further standardize the rules of the game, the ping system has been redesigned. When pinging objects in the environment, the player character points to them and audibly says “Over there!” Their teammates will no longer get visible hints. The April 6 The Cycle: Frontier update brings a number of other changes, described below.

Weapon and Equipment Changes

Starting with non-lethal gear, most craftable armor recipes have been adjusted to make them slightly harder to acquire. Epic Shield costs 1 less Titan Ore, but 1 more Hardened Bone Plate. Exotic Shield costs 1 Pure Focus Crystal instead of 2 Base Focus Crystals. The Epic Helmet costs 5 Radio Equipment, down from 2. The Exotic Helmet costs an additional Interactive Display to craft.

Regarding weapon changes, all craftable weapon scopes now cost 2 less optical glasses to craft. The only weapon to get balance changes in The Cycle: Frontier update on April 6 is the Gorgon. It’s heavily nerfed, with its headshot multiplier reduced from 1.7 to 1.3 and its damage reduction range shortened. At 50 meters and beyond, the Gorgon deals only 70% of its base damage.

Gear weight has been rebalanced again, with almost all non-material items becoming lighter. It’s something that virtually every player in The Cycle: Frontier has asked for. Utilities and consumables are much lighter now, with all Stims weighing 3 units, Weak Medkits weighing 20, Strong Medkits 15, and Combat Medkits 10. Shields weigh 40 units each and Helmets weigh 20. Bags backpacks are also lighter to carry, with common backpacks. weighing 20, Uncommon 30, and Rare and Epic Backpacks weighing 40 and 50 units respectively. Most weapons also weigh less. Shotguns now have 25 units, SMGs 30, Assault Rifles 35, Snipers and DMRs 50. Special ammo weighs 0.3 units per round, down from 1 unit per round.

Gameplay changes

During emotes, players in The Cycle: Frontier can no longer see other players if they are not visible in their normal first person view. This change is being made to prevent players from exploiting emotes to peek around corners. Another very welcome change is that AI mobs have had their vision and pursuit range reduced. Marauders, Rattlers, and Striders are now less likely to spot a nearby player, and enraged Rattlers and Striders will abandon pursuit sooner. Finally, the brightness of the flashlight is increased and adjusted so as not to obscure nearby objects.

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