Texas Tornado watch: Latest warnings as Harris County among places facing flooding

Texans flee for shelter as tornado hits Round Rock

A storm system that moved through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama overnight, spawning multiple tornadoes, left at least one dead and 19 hospitalized.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott called the destruction “devastating” and said it was a “miracle” that more people were not killed immediately.

Multiple videos and images captured Monday night showed powerful tornadoes causing massive damage to RVs, homes and schools, with one video showing a truck driver nearly escaping after being thrown through the air.

Another video also showed a tornado approaching a Walmart in Round Rock, not far from Austin, causing customers to flee from the oncoming twister.

According to footage, at least one person was injured when she was dragged through the parking lot.

An estimated 22 million people were still at risk of being in the path of severe storms moving northeast on Tuesday.


Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of the Texas tornado outbreak.

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At least four injured as storms wreak havoc in Texas

The tornadoes left widespread misery in Texas, injuring at least four people, and the storm is now heading into Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama on Tuesday.

About 80 homes and businesses in Jack County, west of Dallas, were damaged or completely destroyed due to a possible tornado, officials said.

In Jacksboro, the city’s high school and elementary school were in the path of the destructive storm and had their walls and roofs torn off.

“It brought tears to my eyes,” school principal Starla Sanders told WFAA-TV in Dallas.

Several people were reportedly trapped in collapsed structures about 30 miles northeast of Jacksboro, near Bowie, and the damage was widespread.

City manager Bert Cunningham said the worst damage was to the east of town, with up to four entrapments reported. About four people were slightly injured.

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‘Volatile’ tornado outbreak ruins buildings, ground flights and closes highways in Texas and Oklahoma

A tornado outbreak in Texas and Oklahoma wreaks havoc across Texas and Oklahoma, destroying homes and shutting down highways and airports.

The US National Weather Service (NWS) warned late Monday that a severe storm system over the two southern states has already spawned several tornadoes and has the potential to create more.

Read The Independents Detailed report by Io Dodds

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Footage shows damage from an outbreak of tornadoes in Texas

Images from tornado-affected areas of Texas show roofs and walls of structures blown off on impact and vehicles toppled onto the road following devastating storms.

Police cars are parked in front of a bank, damaged by a tornado, near I-35 and SH 45 in Round Rock, Texas


A truck is overturned after a tornado hit a shopping mall near I-35 and SH 45 in Round Rock, Texas


Debris litters the ground surrounding houses, damaged by a tornado, on Oxford Drive and Stratford Drive in Round Rock


Debris litters the ground outside a home on Oxford Drive in Round Rock, Texas, which was heavily damaged by a tornado


Michael Talamantez comforts his girlfriend Derry Schroer after Talamantez’s house on Stratford Drive in Round Rock


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8,000 hurricane survivors living in temporary shelter under warning

More than 8,000 households living in mobile homes and RV trailers after surviving recent hurricanes, including Laura and Delta in 2020, have been warned to have an evacuation plan.

Fearing that these structures will not be able to withstand the expected weather conditions, federal and state authorities in Louisiana have urged them to keep their cell phones on and fully charged, with high volume and severe weather alerts activated.

In a joint statement, emergency agencies said flooding could cause the most damage to these structures.

“Repeated episodes of heavy rain may occur over the same areas, increasing the risk of flooding,” the statement said. “Move to higher ground if you hear flood warnings.”

“Danger is expected to be highest at night,” they added when nighttime tornadoes hit.

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Watch a truck get thrown through the air after being caught in a tornado

Video of a red truck caught in the tornado was captured by storm chaser Brian Emfinger on Monday.

The video shows Mr. Emfinger driving near the tornado as it kicks up debris, when a truck appears and gets caught in the tornado.

The vehicle is thrown into the air and swirls on the ground by the winds before its occupant can chase it away.

In another video shot by storm chaser Aron Jayjack, a huge tornado ripping through North Taylor, Texas is captured. The massive tornado with thunder and water-filled gusts of wind swept through the area as the storm chaser filmed the scenes, braving a possible impact.

Shweta SharmaMarch 22, 2022 05:43


The storm drifted into Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as a warning was issued

After causing widespread destruction and injury in Texas, the tornado outbreak is heading to Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Forecasters have warned the storms will trigger “a regional outbreak of severe weather” in those areas as Mississippi braces for “strong tornadoes.”

“A regional outbreak of severe weather, including the potential for strong tornadoes, is possible today evening over the lower Mississippi Valley and central Gulf Coast states,” the Storm Prediction Center said.

For Wednesday, the weather service warned of potential tornadoes, electrical thunderstorms, softball-sized hail and winds over 60 mph for much of southern and central India. Atlantic.

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NWS Tornado Tracking Service Extends Red Warning

A tornado warning was extended to the towns of Waskom and Leigh in Texas until 1:14 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The National Weather Service’s Tornado Tracking Unit updated warnings for cities overnight.

Follow updates by NWS for real-time updates for your region.

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Texas Governor Says Williamson County Hit by Multiple Tornadoes

Greg Abbott said the state stands “side by side” with people who have been impacted by devastating tornadoes.

He held a joint press conference with Williamson County Judge Bill Gravel and acknowledged “there are people whose lives have been completely cut short.”

He said no casualties have been reported so far, describing it as a miracle.

He said he has already allocated state resources for recovery and filed a disaster declaration for Williamson County.

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Nearly 60,000 Texas residents experience power outages

Extensive power outages are reported in Texas, with 50,894 households suffering cuts after tornadoes swept through the central state, according to outage tracking website Poweroutage.

Nearly 10,000 people were affected by power outages in Oklahoma where the storms caused extensive damage, along with 5,000 Arkansas.

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