Survey finds the average gamer spends $58,000 on games in their lifetime

And unsurprisingly, Millennials are the biggest spenders.

Have you ever wondered what you could have done with your life if you hadn’t spent so much money on video games? It’s a question we’ve avoided most of our lives, but we’ve now answered it thanks to the economists at All Home Connections, an authorized reseller of AT&T products. Because apparently they just wanted us to feel bad about ourselves today.

All Home Connections surveyed 1,000 US gamers to find out how much money they spend each month and how old they are. They also asked how much they spent on games versus travel and fitness, but they didn’t give us the results for those questions, either because it was boring or because no one cares about travel. or physical fitness two years after the start of a global pandemic.


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Regardless, the survey results revealed that the average gamer spends around $76 a month on games, or around $58,000 over their lifetime. Millennials spend the most of all gamers at around $86 per month and $66,000 per lifetime. This makes sense because Millennials make more money than Gen Z and grew up in a world where gaming was already a multi-billion dollar industry. Gen Xers are spending comparatively less since they grew up in the early days of the game, and Baby Boomers are spending the least because they’re probably too busy spending money on travel or fitness.

Just to add insult to injury, All Home Connections also calculated how much money we’d make in retirement if we didn’t spend all that money on games. Gen Z could expect around $285,000 at age 65 assuming a 6% annual return, while Gen X could have had $221,000 and Baby Boomers $185,000. Millennials could have had over $307,000.

But which would you rather have: 300,000,000 or a new ring of Elden every year? Personally, I choose Elden Ring.

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