Supreme Court News Live: Day two of Jackson’s confirmation hearings

Watch the Senate Judiciary Committee begin hearing live from Biden’s Supreme Court nominee

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Joe Biden’s first Supreme Court nominee, appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the first of his confirmation hearings. The first black woman to be appointed to the court, she will, if confirmed, replace outgoing judge Stephen Breyer.

With Democrats controlling the Senate and the court now tilted heavily in favor of the conservatives, Ms Brown Jackson – currently a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia – is expected to be confirmed barring any unforeseen circumstances.

However, some Republicans have recently begun attacking him for his past work as a public defender, particularly focusing on his work defending sex offenders. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, who serves on the Judiciary Committee, launched a campaign against her on Twitter last week, claiming without providing substantial context that “Judge Jackson has a habit of letting child porn offenders off the hook. for their appalling crimes, both as a judge and as a policy maker” and that “this is a record that puts our children at risk”.

Mr. Hawley’s words and similar ones from other GOP senators were widely criticized, with Democrat Tim Kaine describing them as The Independent as “wild claims”.


Catching up: Ketanji Brown Jackson thanks his daughters

In her opening address to the Judiciary Committee yesterday, the Supreme Court nominee had this message for her daughters:

“I reserve a special moment in this introduction for my daughters, Talia and Leila. Girls, I know it hasn’t been easy as I have tried to navigate the challenges of juggling my career and motherhood. admit that I haven’t always found the right balance.

“But I hope you’ve seen that with hard work, determination and love, it can be done. I can’t wait to see what each of you chooses to do with your amazing lives in this amazing country. I love you so much.”

Read more about Io Dodds below.

Andrew NaughtyMarch 22, 2022 10:41 a.m.


Ketanji Brown Jackson insists on God and country

Ketanji Brown Jackson emphasized his patriotism and Christianity on Monday amid heavy criticism from Republicans.

In her opening statement, Ms Jackson said she was blessed to be ‘born into this great nation’ and added: ‘I must also pause to reaffirm my thanks to God for this is faith who is supporting me right now.”

“My parents taught me that unlike the many obstacles they faced growing up, my path was clearer, so that if I worked hard and believed in myself, in America, I could do anything. or be whatever I wanted to be,” Ms. Jackson said.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarMarch 22, 2022 9:45 a.m.


“I Could Never Fill Judge Stephen Breyer’s Shoes,” Says Ketanji Brown Jackson

Ketanji Brown Jackson, in his statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, cited retired Justice Stephen Breyer as his role model.

“It is extremely humbling to be considered for Judge Breyer’s seat, and I know I could never take his place,” Ms Jackson said.

“But if confirmed, I hope to carry on her spirit,” she added.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarMarch 22, 2022 09:00


The Political Composition of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court underwent significant change under the Trump administration, when in four years former President Donald Trump oversaw the confirmation of three new justices, or one-third of all justices, shifting the composition of the court firmly to the right.

The retirement of Judge Stephen Breyer under the rule of a Democratic president, however, does not mean that the general composition of the court will change just yet. Thanks to Senate rules, Mr Biden will be able to confirm his replacement – ​​Ketanji Brown Jackson – if he manages to unify the Senate Democratic caucus.

John Bowden explains how Supreme Court appointments work.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarMarch 22, 2022 08:09


Notable Opinions of Ketanji Brown Jackson

Ketanji Brown Jackson worked for seven years as a federal trial court judge in Washington DC before President Joe Biden appointed her to the appeals court which sits in the same courthouse.

Here are some of his notable opinions:

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Senators will grill Ketanji Brown Jackson on Tuesday

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson will face questions from senators for the first time on Tuesday to become the only black female justice in the court’s history.

The 51-year-old will respond to each of the senators’ 30-minute grilling rounds as Judiciary Committee Sen. Chuck Grassley promised Republicans would “ask tough questions about Jackson’s judicial philosophy” without turning the hearings into ” spectacle”.

The four-day hearing began on Monday with Ms Jackson’s opening statements in which she pledged to operate independently and decide cases “without fear or favour”.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarMarch 22, 2022 07:04


Retired federal judges back Ketanji Brown Jackson’s case in child pornography case

Rebutting criticism from Republican senators, a group of retired federal judges told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s record on child pornography convictions is “entirely consistent” with the records of other judges across the country. United States.

In a letter sent to the committee after the first day of hearings, the justices dismissed allegations Senator Josh Hawley had tweeted, saying Ms Jackson’s case included a “pattern of letting child porn offenders off the hook for their appalling crimes,” CNN reported.

“Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s record in individual cases is fully consistent with the national models outlined by the US Sentencing Commission and what DOJ prosecutors or US court probation departments have recommended,” the letter reads. .

Alisha Rahaman SarkarMarch 22, 2022 06:07


What Happened During Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing?

At the start of the congressional hearing to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, numerous references were already made to the treatment Judge Brett Kavanaugh received while going through the same process.

Shortly after then-President Donald Trump announced Mr Kavanaugh as his High Court nominee, Dr Christine Blasey Ford contacted local lawmakers in California claiming Mr Kavanaugh had it. sexually assaulted nearly three decades earlier when they were high school students in the early 1980s.

Her claims – combined with similar allegations against the candidate by at least two other women – brought down Mr Kavanaugh’s confirmation process as Ms Ford opted to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee herself.

Report by Megan Sheets and Clark Mindock.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarMarch 22, 2022 05:35


Democrats praised Ketanji Brown Jackson

Democrats rallied around Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on Monday and praised her after her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ms Jackson, 51, was nominated by President Joe Biden last month to replace retired Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, for whom she also previously worked.

“You, Judge Jackson, are one of Mr. Lincoln’s living witnesses of an America unafraid of challenge, willing to risk change, confident in the basic goodness of our citizens. And you are a living witness to the fact that in America anything is possible,” Senator Dick Durbin wrote on Twitter.

“It was a joy to join civil rights leaders, fellow members of Congress, and Justice Jackson’s friends and family in celebrating this historic moment,” said Senator Cory Booker.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarMarch 22, 2022 04:51


Why Republicans Can’t Stop Ketanji Brown Jackson

While the GOP Senate leader slammed Ketanji Brown Jackson for his alleged leniency on crime and called the pick a win for the far left, it’s because of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s own actions. during the Trump administration that it will probably still be confirmed.

In 2017, McConnell decided as Senate leader to invoke the “nuclear option,” which eliminated the 60-vote majority threshold needed for a Supreme Court nominee to be confirmed.

Nominations now proceed with a 51-vote majority, and Republicans have used that standard to confirm three justices on a mostly partisan basis.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarMarch 22, 2022 04:01

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