Study Claims Pokemon GO Can Help With Depression

Pokemon GOThe launch of had a dramatic impact on the company. Millions of gamers around the world have taken the opportunity to Pokemon GOThe gameplay of proposed and began outdoor excursions in search of Pokémon. The result was that Pokemon GO quickly became massively popular. It was so popular, in fact, that some saw it as an opportunity to conduct a study on it. Pokemon GO may have unwittingly accomplished. Specifically, one study claims that Pokemon GOThe launch of may have significantly reduced the depression.


The study, conducted by Zhi Cheng of the London School of Economics, focused on an interesting metric to reach its conclusion. It analyzed research data related to depression in 166 regions from 12 different countries before and after the launch of Pokemon GO, taking into account the different launch dates in different regions. Search results included the terms “depression”, “stress”, “anxiety” and “fatigue”. Two out of four of these search terms saw noticeable declines after the launch of Pokemon GO.

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Specifically, the study indicates that there have been consistent declines in research interest in ‘depression’ and ‘stress’. “Anxiety” and “fatigue,” however, according to the study, did not see an impact on search intensity due to Pokemon GOthe exit. Based on these results, the study claims that the release of Pokemon GO was associated with a “significant short-term decrease” in depression-related searches, and so may have resulted in a decrease in the prevalence of “local rates of depression”.

To be clear, the study states that “like any short-term treatment”, symptoms of depression return once treatment is discontinued. In this regard, the study found that the short-term decline in depression-related search terms faded over time. In other words, the benefits of playing Pokemon GO fades when he is no longer playing. Seeing this trend, the return of depression-related search results over time after Pokemon GOfurther confirms the idea that the launch can be attributed to the decrease to begin with.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, the study itself acknowledges that the focus is on the relationship between Pokemon GO and depression-related trends – not specifically depression itself. Although he concludes that games like Pokemon GO may provide short-term relief from mild depression, its conclusion is a call for more research into the relationship between technology and mental health.

Whether Pokemon GOThe gameplay of Depression Aid probably depends on the player. There is clearly no “cure” for depression. But requiring players to go out and move around their neighborhood, taking up walking, running or bicycling, seems to render Pokemon GO convincingly healthy in itself. This study seems to reinforce that, and Pokemon GO deserves to be recognized for his accomplishment.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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