Stranger Things and Ninja Turtle Crossover for Misleading Action Figures

Stranger Things and Ninja Turtle Crossover for Misleading Action Figures

Stranger Things Season 4 is over, so what better time to announce a new collaboration with … Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? It was revealed on Netflix Geeked’s Twitter account that Stranger Things and TMNT are crossing over for a new set of action stats. That’s right, you can buy now Two packets of toys Which features turtles standing side by side with your favorite Stranger Things characters (well, some of them).

There are two sets available, one with Leonardo and Eleven, the other with Raphael and Hopper. Forgive us for not understanding why this collaboration exists without snatching some extra dollars from franchise fans. What has Ninja Turtles got to do with Stranger Things at all, except that the long-running franchise first debuted as a comic book in the 1980s?

It’s true that the set’s turtles are based on the characters’ comic book looks – not the animated series versions of how TMNT became popular – but this particular crossover seems to be a big stretch – and not really why the striking Leonardo teamed up with Eleven. ? Hopper and Raff are both hotheads, but what links them without it? And why these are the characters version of Stranger Things Season 3, which first aired in 2019? It’s more than the whole epidemic!

It seems like a lazy game for cash and they didn’t even bother to include two great turtles. After all, what could be better than having two of the four ninja turtles in the Ninja Turtles toy collection? All of them, maybe. And if Raphael has to pair up with a character, it’s obviously a demographer.

Interestingly, these toys follow TMNT and another collaboration between them Netflix in crossover statistics with Cobra Kai . In that instance, though, you get four turtles with the characters in the series – Daniel, Johnny, Miguel and Chris. The turtle design they used was not very good, but at least the set made sense. After all, they were originally posed at a martial arts showdown – what’s not to love about that?

Now, with Stranger Things, it’s a “upside down remix.” This means that it is packaged in reverse a figure (Stranger Things image in each set). In a world where NECA and Super 7 are releasing some of the best Ninja Turtles action figures to date and Playmates, who are behind this new set, are republishing several items from the iconic original TMNT toy line, these seem completely meaningless to fans. . But hey, maybe it doesn’t matter and these things will sell like hotcakes. They have already created a ’80s-style toy commercial for their promotion and you can pre-order them on target for সে 40 per set. So, you know, run out and get them. Or, alternatively, buy a lot cooler Stranger Things toys from Bandai Which, for one reason or another, is available exclusively to the target.

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