Strange Out of Map Glitch Returns Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Players to the Overworld

The wonders of Tiny Tina has had a few issues since release, and while many of them are performance and crash related, a few are not. A new The wonders of Tiny Tina bug sees players stumble across one of the game’s maps and end up in the Overworld.

To be fair, this bug is more cool than problematic, and it’s not the only bug of its kind. Recently, someone was able to walk into Tiny Tina’s cave, getting a different look at the area where she plays Bunkers and Badasses with Frette and Valentine. With players only seeing this cave in a few cutscenes during the campaign, many enjoyed a unique angle on the area. Now those same players can be excited to see a different take on the Overworld.


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Reddit user and The wonders of Tiny Tina Hey_Its_Boy fan shared a clip that immediately begins with them falling off the map. Viewers have no idea how this happened, though they do see the Reddditor glancing at their falling teammates on the way down. From the area the players walked through, it looks like they were in Sunfang Oasis. However, this was a random encounter that featured only part of the map, as opposed to the entire location where The Ditcher quest is. This explains what happens after Hey_Its_Boy’s fall is over.

Once the Redditor lands, they are sent through one of the game’s portals. However, they are not taken back to the start of the Sunfang Oasis encounter but are instead seen in The wonders of Tiny Tina‘ Overworld. Obviously, they’re not supposed to be here, since the Overworld map is completely dark. Without any lighting, the area is surprisingly scary, and players also end up exploring it in first person. Seeing the Overworld from the usual in-game perspective is extremely interesting, even if it’s too dark for the party to see their surroundings properly.

Currently, it is unknown how players exited the map or if the bug is limited to arenas in Sunfang Oasis. Those who saw it were quick to call it interesting, while AyyBuddyGuy was shocked that the Redditor hadn’t picked up the Lucky Dice in the area yet and told them to do so. As for Reggie_Is_God, they want a side quest to allow players to explore the Overworld in person. Had this been included, one would expect proper lighting for the area.

While many gamers focus more on the Chamber of Chaos or creating fun characters, it looks like glitch hunting could be a fun pastime. Based on what’s been found so far, there are some intriguing bugs in The Wonderlands.

The wonders of Tiny Tina is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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