Steam’s Going Rogue event celebrates Roguelikes, Soulslikes and Metroidvanias

Steam’s Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence celebrates dying and trying again with a sale on Soulslikes, Roguelikes, and Metroidvanias.

Players on Steam are entitled to a huge sale that highlights Roguelikes, Soulslikes and Metroidvanias. Steam’s celebration of these notoriously difficult genres is aptly called Going Rogue: A Celebration of Persistence, and fans of the genres can expect to see plenty of great titles available for generous discounts.

Roguelikes, Soulslikes, and Metroidvanias are hugely popular game genres that each center around the idea of ​​persevering in the face of challenge. Roguelikes are inspired by the 1980 game Thug, which was procedurally generated and had a permadeath system, meaning that once players died, they had to start over from the beginning – only with new knowledge. Soulslikes are inspired by Demon’s Souls and dark souls, where combat is punishing and pattern-based, and progress is incremental. Metroidvanias, a combination of metroid and Castlevaniatypically see the player gradually unlocking abilities that allow them to traverse new areas of the map, returning to previous locations to take advantage of their newly acquired abilities.


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A wide variety of titles are on sale at this event, spanning each of the subgenres and including many of the biggest hits as well as lesser-known entries in hopes of gaining recognition at the celebration. Big names like nioh, hollow knightand Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order are up to 75% off. sekirothe extremely difficult Soulslike ninja developed by dark souls and Ring of Elden the FromSoft creator is also available at a rare 50% discount. Many popular indie games also celebrate their sales, such as Skul: The Hero Slayer, kill the arrowand FTL: faster than light. The event will take place from May 2 to 9.

Steam frequently hosts themed events of this nature to celebrate various genres, publishers, franchises, and seasons. Alongside Going Rogue is the May 4 sale, which celebrates all things star wars. Recently, there was also the Alien Day sale, which hosted sales for many popular titles from the Extraterrestrial franchisees, like Aliens vs Predator and Alien: Isolation. Two other popular events are Steam’s summer and winter sales, which bring deep discounts and pose a notorious threat to gamers’ wallets and free time.

Due to Steam’s variety of sales throughout the year, frugal and patient gamers know it’s only a matter of time before something on their wishlist ends up at a deep discount. These events are useful ways to promote various genres, publishers, and franchises while introducing players to titles they might have missed. Those not interested in Roguelikes, Soulslikes, or Metroidvanias probably won’t have to wait too long before their own favorites headline the next Steam event.

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