Starmer’s tough line on Brexit has made Johnson costly to the liver William Keegan

FOr for some reason, the last days of Boris Johnson’s leadership of the Conservative Party reminded me of Nero’s last days. That self-serving, misleading speech outside of No. 10 echoed the Sweetonius version of the dead words blaming Nero: “Qualis Artifax Pereo“- What an artist dies in me.

So much work! Brexit free! Much more needs to be achieved… (Sorry. Sneak is dangerous.)

The purpose of Johnson’s defense for hardcore Brexiters was given by Attorney General Suela Braverman. He admitted to the BBC Today The program that Johnson’s political assassination was about Brexit from his point of view. Brexit? Yes: Brexiters like him feared – the irony of the irony – that the man who “completed Brexit” was not a true believer in strict Brexit, was the reason for Johnson’s resignation before former Brexit negotiator Lord Frost stated that the government was true? Morality? Breaking the law? Our international position? Not a big problem for strict Brexiters.

Earlier in the week I was advised that right-wing Brexiters were now favoring Johnson because they felt their motives had been secured. When Keir Starmer stunned former Remainers, and now Rejoiners, like your correspondent, by rejecting any intention to rejoin the European Union and even the single market, Johnson fulfilled his purpose for the Conservative Brexiters, and can go. Labor projects will not be destroyed. The problem was, for them, Johnson wasn’t purposeful enough.

To tough Brexiters, who yearned year after year for a low tax, low cost, minimally-regulated economy, Johnson’s “spend-spend” approach was wrong. Interestingly, this also seems to have been wrong for Sage Sunak, whose resignation from the post of Chancellor helped Johnson resign, just as the resignation of Sir Geoffrey Howe, one of his predecessors, left Mrs. Thatcher in 1990.

In his new book Chancellor: Steering the British Economy in Crisis TimesFormer Bank of England Deputy Governor Howard Davis noted that Sunak’s views on the economic impact of the move could not be further from the conclusion of Treasury papers.

Brexit bills, such as Mount and Mount, are making the country poorer and, thanks to a catastrophic Brexit-induced devaluation of the pound, have proven to be more inflation-prone, Treasury concerns than our former partners in the EU.

Leaving our nearest and most important market has always been an act of extreme stupidity. The impact on our trade balance created the Stirling Crisis of 1976 – which helped bring down the Labor government in Calagan – Chickenfeed. Brexit has created a situation where a 10% -plus devaluation of the pound (as opposed to the average of other leading currencies) has not led to any improvement even in exports.

The Brexit Mounting Bill, according to the survey, has finally reached voters. When people start traveling to continental Europe, they see that all sorts of Brexit-induced dangers are hindering their freedom of choice. Yet Starmer, the Johnson government that has failed for years to work on such issues, now tells us that he does not want to rejoin the EU and the single market, but wants to “work Brexit”.

The point is Brexit doesn’t work and can’t work. The Labor leader appears to be obsessed with a third of Labor voters who were confused by what he called Lord Hasseltine Johnson’s “pack of lies” during the referendum campaign. It is unreasonable to say that we cannot go back to the results of that so-called “democratic” referendum. In a democracy – which I think we still are (just!) – voters can change their mind whenever there is a general election.

Now I have news of a labor leader. I’ve traveled a lot and met a lot of Labor voters last week. Each of them was shocked to see his U-turn on Brexit. Each of them has said that they are going to vote for Lib Dem in the next election. Dissatisfying two-thirds of your electorate to please one-third – who needs to realize that they have been deceived anyway? Funny old electoral strategy.

The whole Brexit tragedy began with David Cameron’s decision to hold a referendum in the first place. Brexit is based on what EU negotiator Michelle Bernier mentioned in her article. My secret Brexit diary: “Fighting, stabbing in the back, persistent betrayal and a handful of conservative MPs have thwarted their ambitions. Boris Johnson will carry a real burden of responsibility in the history of their country with David Cameron and a few others.”

Some of us want to rescue Starmer, without dipping our fingers in blood.

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