Square Enix President Continues to Express Interest in NFTs

Square Enix president once again declares his desire for the company to use NFT and blockchain technologies to create “play to win” games.

Square-Enix began 2022 with a letter from company president Yosuke Matsuda announcing that Square Enix wanted to explore a series of new and controversial online technologies moving forward. These include metaverses, NFTs, and games that use a blockchain structure.

Fan reaction to the announcement was immediate, as with any gaming company that pitches players the idea of ​​possibly creating NFTs in the future. Despite the backlash, however, Square Enix received a huge stock boost on trading day after the letter was published. This left the company in the difficult position of listening to its fans or listening to the stock market.


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Clearly, Square Enix seems to be following its actions as, in an interview with Yahoo Japan, Yosuke Matsuda once again reiterated his wish for the company to make blockchain games. The company president’s interest in publishing games on the blockchain appears to be focused on perpetuating a new “play-to-earn” gaming model in which players could earn rewards for creating content for the game. Matsuda states, “I believe there will be a number of people whose motivation is to play to contribute.”


Matsuda’s description of “contributing players” sounds like an open modding community that creates content for the game and receives rewards from Square Enix for it. Matsuda also claims that rewards for digital creations could revitalize user-created content. It’s debatable whether the video game modding community needs revitalization, as some games have active groups that create free player-created mods. Also, other games like Roblox are built entirely around this player-generated structure but do not use blockchain technology.

Paying users for player-created content in a game, either with real money or in-game rewards, also casts a shadow over content ownership. Anything created in Square Enix’s game obviously cannot belong to the player. But the concepts for many popular titles started out as mods for other games, such as The forgotten city who famous started as a mod for Skyrim. But if a player has already been “awarded” for the concept, ownership of the content may revert entirely to Square Enix.

There is also an ownership issue if neither Square Enix nor the player owns the player-created content. One of the most popular types of mod for any game is one that adds elements or characters from other pop culture media, such as using a mod to spin Skyrim in star wars. Usually a blind legal eye is cast on this, as its user-generated content with no money involved. But if Square Enix wants to allow players to get paid for creating content in its game, the company will first have to settle the question of ownership.

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