Spotify Live lets you listen to live podcasts and chat with hosts

  • Spotify Live is a new app that lets fans listen to popular podcasts while they record.
  • Live users can also start their own chat rooms and use a chat page to talk with other fans.
  • If you miss a Spotify Live chat, you can find recordings of it in the regular Spotify app.
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Last year, Spotify launched an app called “Greenroom”. Taking advantage of the sudden success of Clubhouse, Greenroom allowed users to set up audio-only livestreams on almost any topic they could think of.

And although Clubhouse isn’t as popular today as it once was, Spotify isn’t giving up – instead, they’re launching a new app to reignite the live audio craze.

Spotify Live is a new audio chat room and live streaming app

Spotify Greenroom is now Spotify Live. Live still features the same audio chat rooms as the original, but now also features dozens of “Spotify Original” live streams produced by professional artists.

These live streams are less like chat rooms and more like impromptu podcasts, allowing fans to listen to exclusive original shows while they record. With hosts like Hasan Minhaj, DJ Akademiks and Tana Mongeau, Live is meant to give fans a more unfiltered look at their favorite stars – or, in Spotify’s own words, to let fans “listen in to unscripted conversations”. .

A selection of podcasts available in the Live section on Spotify.

Some of the shows available on Spotify Live.

Spotify; William Antonelli/Insider

The app is launching with nearly two dozen live podcasts, with more on the way. Topics range from politics and music to sports, fashion and even astrology.

And unlike Clubhouse, almost none of these chats are audio-only. Even if you’re not a speaker, you can swipe left to open the Discussion room, where anyone can type and send GIFs freely. This gives you a way to interact with other fans and even chat with the hosts as they talk.

You can access these podcasts using the official Spotify Live app or the original Spotify app. Here’s how it all works.

How to Use Spotify Live

Spotify Live is available for free on the iPhone App Store and Android Play Store.

Once you’ve downloaded and opened it, you’ll need to create a separate Live account that features your real name, date of birth, and photo. You will also be able to follow a selection of popular creators, from whom you will receive notifications whenever they broadcast.

The main page shows you the most popular chat rooms right now, along with a schedule of upcoming shows and live streams. The chat rooms that appear at the top of the page, surrounded by a green box and labeled with Highlighted, are the Spotify Originals hosted by professional artists. Scroll down to find rooms started and hosted by regular users.

Faucet Join the room on one of these rooms, and you will enter directly. Tap the hand icon at the bottom to ask permission to join the conversation, and swipe left to find the live text chat.

The Spotify Live homepage and inside a live stream.

You can join a room and request to become a speaker.

Spotify; William Antonelli/Insider

And if you want to create your own room, just press green Create a room button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be able to give it a name, choose who the “audience” is – in other words, the topic – whether it will have a talk page, and whether you want it recorded.

With so many different live streams at the same time, it can be difficult to catch all the shows you want to hear. Luckily, Spotify saves recordings of all of its biggest podcasts, which means you can always stay informed.

How to Listen to Spotify Live in the Standard Spotify App

Greenroom was once a separate thing completely separate from the Spotify app. But Spotify Live is built into the original app, giving you easy access to the biggest podcasts even after they’ve ended.

While you can’t start live streams or chat from the regular Spotify app, you can listen to them as they happen. And even better, you can listen to past episodes from any Spotify Original livestream.

You can find Spotify Live broadcasts in the original app or website with this link. Alternatively, open the app and tap Research at the bottom of the screen, then tap “Live”. When the Live on Spotify appears, tap it.

The page that opens will contain a summary of the podcast, a short trailer, all past episodes, and a note about when the next live episode will be. If it says the podcast is live right now, tap it to start listening.

Three live podcasts from Spotify.

You will see the available episodes and a date for the next recording, if there is one.

Spotify; William Antonelli/Insider

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